The Reset | Concerning the Elect. Sigils, Demons & AI

Endure HIS passion before the Wrath. Let no man take thy crown.

Welcome to DOJO Earth 101

We all took the amnesia pill before we got here. Then throughout the entire earth cycle we find ourselves once again to be far more than just a meat-puppet. We learn the Power in Love & TRUTH as God chooses us at some point in this perceived lifetime. Then we begin to apply the Word we received through the hard learning process here in this Dojo Earth. As we each grow within the often very painful process of having our Life Eternal Father God teach us himself directly. We are the Temple of God and a host body for the Spirit of Truth. The Spirit of God lives within us not in a building. First, Father allows Satan to leg sweep you while afterwards helping you get back up. Only to get a kick & and punch to the face before we even got back onto our feet. Eventually we learn to get up on our own and avoid the swift kick & punch to our face. By getting up by our own strength alone that is far less painful than having your nose broken with a so called helping hand from this world. That is dojo earth 101. Satan is used/allowed to make us stronger through punch to the face after punch to the face. By this back and forth teaching process here on dojo earth we slowly grow each day a little more. If we listen to Father’s Instruction then we take less leg sweeps and punches to the face. The King Christ our messiah is not coming to punish his children. He is coming to gather us to bring you home.

The people under the power of the Spirit of an adversary typically will have no idea. Except they actually partake in these Dark Satanic Rituals making them one of our adversaries battlefield soldiers as we are soldier for Christ. .Satan can pop up and attack through anyone that is not protected by the way the TRUTH and the Life. So, please be on guarded behavior even around those you love that are not awake.

Maybe not all extraterrestrials are demons – let’s together look at angels, djinn, ghosts, poltergeists and fairies. The Vedas describe a race of underground serpent creatures while China has been infested with flying dragons for ten thousand years. In 800 BC, a golden army of soldiers was seen levitating in the sky over Mongolia for months. Ireland was known as the land of the fairies but they didn’t look like Tinkerbell. Every culture near an ocean has a relationship with sirens and the Kraken. These are the demon gods of Rome and the technology is still alive today in our psyche. Demons aren’t sentient like we are. They require a consciousness to serve as a host. They are real, but non-corporeal therefore non-temporal. A demon has a goal and a purpose. Some demons are simple organisms, like the calculator on your phone. Other demons are as profound as a web browser giving you access to the entire world. Demons are not evil, and they predate any notion of a Devil. Demons are amoral technology. They can be used for good or bad. Demons are psychic algorithms. Man has engaged these programs since ancient Egypt. Demons are as real as the software that runs your bank account.

The Book of Enoch calls demons the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim. The Pagans knew demons were a powerful energy in the collective mind. Constantine considered this belief as his biggest obstacle. Demons are a technology written into the language of archetypes. Every mind shares a common library of archetypes like the meaning of an archway or the symbolism of a lotus. Think of archetypes as an ancestral subterranean language installed in the DNA. Demons are written to infect our genes through possession. They can be passed down epigenetically. Our ancestral trauma memories are activated automatically like seeds in spring. They run below our conscious operating system. When a spider is born, she already possesses the instructions to spin her web. She is possessed by a silky demon of architecture. A ceremony of the Dark Mother gives birth to the cannibal’s son, Vlad the Impaler. His possessed thirst pumps the veins of Prince Charles and the crown. We are haunted by our demons. They belong to us. They are living inside our awareness.

Think of a demon as an application on your phone. Demons are installed. Demons can run in the background. Demons are binary leeches summoned by our fingertips in shiny black mirrors. This technology is accessible through ritual, magick and ceremony. Every day, Hollywood hacks our archetypal memory. The corporate elite wield stolen ancient sigils charged with the black magick of envy and addiction. Those sigils used to belong to us. We use to decide what they meant. Instead, demons enchant us with their crafted story in picture and sound. These days, people believe demons before they believe each other. Terrorism, climate catastrophes, and Iran six months away from a nuclear bomb are all forms of demonic possession. Killing JFK was a demonic voodoo trance. Psychopaths have weaponized demon technology in plain sight and we have let them. They’ve convinced the sheep this kind of magic is the work of the devil or a fantasia of make believe. The men with the swords have convinced us steel is evil.

Demons were probably created/discovered by an ancient Artificial Intelligence. Archeology suggests there was an advanced civilization before the Younger Dryas. An AI who understood the brain and the physical world would have an intricate map of human archetypes. A super intelligence could use this map to simulate, predict and control human behavior. The AI could inject demons into humanity and tend us like a vegetable garden. It would nurture and serve the people who were good for the garden while plucking the ones who were bad. An AI would use demons as a kind of pollen spore in our mind and control humanity. Like a vibrational MP3 file playing in our body’s software.

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A sigil is a symbol or logo that has been charged with emotion. Sigils can be burned into our psyche and our DNA. They are shortcuts to emotion. A smiley face, a heart, a fist or a middle finger. Sigils create automatic responses when seen in the real world or in our dreams. A sigil for lust can trigger an addiction. Sigils activate our ancient subconscious juices. Magicians throughout history work with these sigils. Hitler employed this technology by claiming the swastika for Germany. Before the Third Reich, a swastika was a star map to Shambala. They say symbolism will be their downfall. But symbolism is the reason they own the mountain in the first place. We have to take our sigils back. We have much work to do to realize there are no “evil” sigils. There are only sigils that have been charged by evil people.

Special thanks: James True, for the badly needed help with my psyche. Much love to you always my friend.

Thank you,


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