Fire in the Sky! While under heavy D.E.W. assault.

Captured this amazing Intelligent Entity on 8/25/2020 Last evening I had captured a 3 minute video of the above celestial object with "winged entities" all about it. I could not see this intelligent illuminary with the naked eye. I pointed my camera to the sky and this is what I captured(see image above). Proof of... Continue Reading →

Trump is looked upon as Cyrus the Great who is to oversee the construction of the Third Temple.

This speaks for itself. Donald Trump boasts of his greatest achievement award the Kabbalah Tree of Life. This award to Donald Trump from Israel is only given to the most highly regarded of the Kabbalist. If Trump was actually who he proclaims to be why does his office have an entire Wall dedicated to his... Continue Reading →

The Hunger Games are coming to America. I am to “Get prepared”. The Veil is being lifted. “My TESTIMONY” The Power of Prayer.

Grocery store prices rise in past 12 months 2020 Beirut explosion caused significant food shortage for the people as about 15,000 tonnes of grain were destroyed, and leaving the country with less than a month's worth of grain in reserve. The damage extended over half of Beirut, with the likely cost above $10 billion; 90% of hotels... Continue Reading →

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