The Hunger Games are coming to America. I am to “Get prepared”. The Veil is being lifted. “My TESTIMONY” The Power of Prayer.

2020 Beirut explosion caused significant food shortage for the people as about 15,000 tonnes of grain were destroyed, and leaving the country with less than a month’s worth of grain in reserve. The damage extended over half of Beirut, with the likely cost above $10 billion; 90% of hotels in the city were damaged and three hospitals completely destroyed, while two more suffered damage.

Beirut explosion left 300,000 homeless, caused up to $15 billion in damage.

Things are only just getting warmed up my friends. Today I am ordering more food to add to my preparedness supply as well as more 5 gallon Carboys for fresh Water that I then filter through a Carbon Gravity Filter that removes 99.9% of all bacteria, fluoride, all parasites etc. Do not forget that during the Live Exercise it was mandated that particular foods, seeds & paper products were being rationed without cause. Here where I live you could only purchase 2 canned goods per visit. Now remember, that was only a live exercise and everyone complied. They can and will do it again.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not suggesting we need to be in fear at all. However; to dismiss these warnings in the expectation you will be Raptured prior to any more Trials? I am here to tell you that you’re wrong. If you do not feel led to get extra food & water than nobody is saying you have to. Follow the Spirit of God and he will guide you as to do exactly what needs to be done.

I am using common sense considering what I personally witnessed while being abandoned by the entire State when we were hit hard by Tropical Storm Isaias. That was for only 5 days. I can only imagine how trying it will be when the lights go out for much longer. We as a society are so dependant on the Power Grid and everything is accessed through the A.I. cloud. Pharmacies could not fill prescriptions, Grocery stores & everything was shut down completely. We had only access to gas which was a lifesaver. I then realized that 15 gallons of gas does not go far when running a generator 16 hours a day.

These are things we all need to pray upon and then follow the Spirit of God. I happen to live very near to the east coast & Father God has been having me prepare and strengthen my property this entire summer. I know it’s not because I am suppose to be doing home improvements while suffering each day from both my most recent neck & back injuries. It is quite clear to me why I am working on multiple projects around the house.

It was not until the Tropical Storm that I realized what Father God had me doing over the past month getting our Home high and tight. I still have work to do also as well as a deadline of Friday September 11th.

The Veil is being lifted!

I listened to those “reverse Audio Clips” of Trump & Gang. That is some chilling backmasking to be heard. It has to either be A.I. or Spiritual that I am not sure. Perhaps they are one and the same. It is quite clear to me with my headset. It is very creepy to listen to over and over as it becomes more clear. It’s just not natural and completely demonic. Something about Trump I feel is a strong possibility? I am just not ready to share. I firmly feel Trump is going to perhaps stage something that will be a pre-planned lie or suddenly vanish causing chaos. Giving my feelings within my Spirit. I have my reasons and will keep you posted.

There really is another Race of beings that have taken Power over the earth. Call them Reptilians or the Fallen Angels . Either way they are not human. At least not fully, perhaps Hybrids or even possible we are witnessing the Demonic Spirit that is a Host within the Flesh? We have been told directly not even attempting to be cryptic the “Great Old Ones” as described by Dr. Geordie Rose Founder of D-Wave systems Quantum Computing says they have returned.

They proclaim D-Wave is still bringing them through continually. Imagine Quantum Computing as an Artificial Intelligence Ouija Board that has no Processor. This A.I. Machine receives its information from Entities not of this World. I am not kidding. I know it sounds like a horror film. That is exactly what it does. Incredible that almost nobody seems to care.


“TESTIMONY” The Power of prayer.

The Power of prayer over our Home during the Tropical Storm that devastated our County. I walked and prayed around the perimeter of the property during the worst of the winds. Having been without fear while actually watching my neighbors tree come apart not 150′ feet from me while praying to protect our Home & property.

Not even my plants in the front Flower Bed which are almost 6 feet tall didn’t even bend. However; sadly for all my neighbors beautiful TREES and bushes on both sides. Also, across the street were totally shredded. That is the Power of God through Faith in Prayer. All Glory to God. amen.

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