The Darkest Winter Ever. “The Destruction of America.”(Confirmed!)

Obama Winks and then tears in Heliofant- I pet Goat

Look who’s back! August 19th Report, what an insult to our intellect.

As he defends one of the most creepy pedophiles on the planet Joe Biden to be the next leader for USA Incorporated. Obama tears up with his scripted anguish that has been in the works for many decades.

There will be no more US Presidents after Donald Trump. UN Agenda 21 now has gone into effect. Don’t be naïve feeling Biden is president of anything. He is a true puppet and has already been captured as an impostor live on TV along with Dr. Fauci. Then a few days later there was a CGI greenscreen glitch as if Biden was at a press briefing outdoors. No, Biden is so far gone he can barely put a full sentence together. They are only playing out the script they were given and the ridiculousness of their mocking the masses only reveals how dead in their mind and Spirit the masses already are. This is the World Great Reset, their eugenics agenda through vaccines all wrapped into Agenda 21/2030. The Democratic Party is simply the face of the “Deep State” called the “New World Order.” They are placing all the assets in place until they are ready to execute the plan that has been in the works for many decades.

UN Agenda calls for the World Economic Reset. There will be no more police according to the UN Agenda. Only UN Security Forces. The Collapse of all of Western Society including the complete dissolution of the US. The writing could not be anymore clear unless they published all their internal Documents on the plan to roll out UN Agenda 21. In less than 5 months from now the Agenda will go from the live exercise to really happening. This time we will see people really dying all around us once the Vaccine begins to Roll out through Project Warp Speed. There will be no more US presidents after Trump because even now the US is waiting for the Global Economic Collapse and the next False Flag. Stand Firm on the Rock, Christ Jesus. Man cannot save any of us in these dark days. Nobody can do this without being led by the Spirit of God through Christ our King.

Allow me to let you in on something regarding photography of “High Profile” figures & Superstars.


These images are not a COINCIDENCE at all. THE WHITE HOUSE PHOTOGRAPHERS WOULD BE REMOVED AFTER THE 1ST SHOT WITH HORNS. OBAMA WAS RIDICULED AFTER THE FIRST IMAGE. NEVERMIND COUNTLESS OTHERS. These HORN images are upon all World leaders. Again, this is a Reptilian Serpent seed Race or call them Canaanites who are the usurpers that run Satan’s World and we are living within it. We are the Exiles in their world. Do not disregard Shapeshifter Reptilians just yet. Because I know for a fact they are for real. I have my own evidence that cannot be denied except by people who wish to live in denial. I know that denial is running rampant as well. I have captured them countless times with my own camera as well as video proof of the Shape Shifting Serpent Race which has taken power over the earth.

Along with Pope FRANCIS.

Never in a million years, would a professional photographer use a picture that looks like the President of the US would have horns. It would never happen. Only if it was intentional. Does anyone feel perhaps this was a fluke mistake? Well what about TRUMP ? Looks like OBAMA had his Horns Trumped, with this latest Image.

Trump and his latest HORN image goes Viral.

They are all in this together. Simply do an image search and you will see likely every World leader having their photos that are in a posed position with obvious Horns. This is 100% intentional as they reveal not only what animates them. They glorify the god they serve in this World who is the Father of Lies.

At current point after OBAMA Tears. Clearly, it is WINTER when the American Flag rips in half.

The American Flag is Torn in half clearly during the Winter following the next scene with an obvious collapse in the background of I Pet Goat II. As I have been doing all I can to reach out it’s not easy that is for sure. Donald Trump is not who he proclaims he is no more than Obama. Actually, they are both one and the same. One is Jachin & the other is Boaz. “Right vs. Left” is nothing more than the Hegelian Dialectic. The people are caught in between the Two Pillars not having any idea. They are tied together through the vibration of Trauma just as a tuning fork to create resonance for the Dark Kabbalist Illusionist as they continue to work their Magic. No, I am not talking Tinkerbell either.

This is a powerful Trance Spell that has been building by compounding the energy of resonance to increase the Power of the Spell since at least the 9/11 ritual event. Perhaps you too have noticed how it looks as though people are not within themselves anymore? That is called “evacuation” which always was the intended goal to Spiritually take over the Human Host.

Only because of our commitment to Christ in God the Father are we not amongst the walking dead. They cannot perceive, think nor make decisions without a third party injection of ideas for them to regurgitate as a talking point. Nothing is worse than being evacuated. By evacuating yourself that is like leaving your Spiritual back door wide open for Demonic entities to take hold over your Host Body Flesh.

After the Economic Collapse will rise the resurrection Beast System created in their own image. Just as the Freedom Tower had risen after the Collapse of the Two Towers which also both represent not only DNA markers, but Jachin & Boaz of the Freemasonic Temple. The hidden Third Tower is called the Resurrection. But first the Old world must be destroyed. We are actually witnessing a worldwide 9/11 Ritual Event in slow motion. When the Twin Towers collapsed they defied the laws of physics. I would not expect anything less in the worldwide Ritual Event which is for the New Order and the coming False messiah.

Most of the Patriots are also under this Trance Resonance Spell despite all that Trump is boldly stating he intends to do to all Americans including the Patriots. Yet, they only hear what they are meant to hear. That is the Grand Delusion sent upon the lukewarm Church and the people. He still has blind support as if people can only hear what they want to hear. This is also mind control not only through psyops, but with Frequency Technology as I have covered extensively in my previous videos.

The Grand Delusion upon the people sent by Fathers judgement is for placing their collective hopes in wicked men. Leaders who speak with a forked tongue, bringing man against man. Father God is allowing this to happen to our nation & the World for this exact reason. Our material lusts have been cut-off, to separate the Children of God, from the Children of the Devil.

Today I will boldly state that what is now in motion cannot be stopped. This is Fathers WILL & the End of Days. Call upon the King, Christ our Redeemer. He is your only HOPE & our peace through Life Eternal, in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Donald Trump is perfect for the patriot lukewarm Christians. He is such a pompous arrogant liar and all who continue to blindly support Trump are doomed for destruction. He speaks blasphemy, and called himself the chosen one. Sound familiar? He exercises all the Power of Obama. The only difference I see, is the color of their skin. Which means nothing to me, because I see Spirit. Trump is EVIL as the day is long. A man after his own desires, nothing more. All of these elites are in the “Club” and we were not invited.

It is time to either except the FACTS or wait until the lights go out as you see the UN rolling through your neighborhood. Once they take this Country down for good, unfortunately it will already be way too late. You watch, Trump is going to vanish, or cause scripted chaos to set off the WAR the UN agenda 21 is so anxious to get started. It will start right on cue, exactly like everything else that has happened thus far.

The Talmudic Kabbalist are forcing Revelation prophecy. This is counterfeit replacement Theology and the Grand Delusion. We are well within Matthew:24. However; Israel is self-fulfilling Revelation End Time prophecy. Nearly all believers are falling for this hook, line & sinker.

This is absolutely nothing compared to the Shaking of our King Christ messiah when the Trumpets begin to Sound. Following the elites Genocide Agenda that is fast approaching comes the Great Tribulation accompanied by catastrophic earth changes. Refer to Revelation 8:6-13 and Revelation 16. Starting this year late 2020 then as the months progress it will not even be denied by the greatest of sceptics. In which I have been saying all this year(2020) that from September and beyond it is going to get increasingly worse. Until an absolutely terrifying event that is pre-planned which is well under way already. It will be blamed on everything but the TRUTH. As they have done since the inception of our once Great Country. Refer to my post on the Abrahamic Accord & Noahide Laws.

All who got caught within the Theater of the World Stage of Politics were fooled again by the subtle beast, that ancient serpent who is our adversary the Devil, and his fallen Kingdom. We wrestle not against flesh and blood. Therefore, put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. (Ephesians:6:11-13)

When we grant them authority over ourselves. Over time, you will surely begin feeling totally drained of your life force. A feeling of weight or “heavy in your Spirit” (low energy, moody, negative vibration, headaches & sleepless night’s). They are like leeches that need to energetically feed continually. These entities even will jump to another host body and attach themselves to a fresh HOST, or greater positive energetic charge(light/Life). It was always a scheme to extract your consent, as it has worked perfectly thus far. Then everyone decided to “evacuate” themselves as most people got sucked within the “Trance Resonance Spell” that I have not stopped screaming about, at least since late March, 2020.

I sincerely pray you all stay blessed & keep your eyes on the King. This world is fading into darkness quickly. Pray always, have no fear. Father God has control of all things, including their evil plans against us all.

My family lives below sea level in between Boston and NYC. I am not worried. Cast your concerns onto the Lord and you too will be free indeed. peace & grace


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