Trump is looked upon as Cyrus the Great who is to oversee the construction of the Third Temple.

This speaks for itself.
The Cyrus the Great & Trump minted Israeli Temple coin. Trump has been asked to oversee the construction of the counterfeit 3rd Temple which fulfills the Law of Israel to crown Trump KING of Israel.
2017 Economist Cover. Trump Tarot, Judgement & King over the earth.

Donald Trump is called the Cyrus the Great of our time by the Zionist Rabbis and the Talmudic Zionist Regime who occupies the House of Israel. First off “A Jew is not a Zionist” – Rabbi Dovid Weiss. Please, do not get the two of them confused. But the overwhelming majority of the people of Israel have been deceived into the chosen State Zionist ideology.

No, I am not hitting on Trump or Israel anymore than I am hitting on Satan himself. I have run out of patience for those that still blindly follow this man. People will make every excuse as to how Trump is going to “Make America Great Again”. To be 100% honest I cannot believe people do not see through Trump at this late hour. First off, instead of imprisoning Hillary Clinton he asks everyone to stand in give her applause. That was a 180 degree turn right out of the box. You could not ask for better entertainment than the Lion/Trump vs. the Witch/Clinton. It was so perfectly scripted even I was entertained during the debates as if I was watching a pay per view WrestleMania event.

Sadly, the people still fighting over the coming Election are missing the big picture. They are totally distracted which is the intended goal. All while living under a powerful Resonance Trance Spell that has been cast upon the world. These people fighting for Trump will continue to sink deeper into this grand delusion.

Why? This is specifically because this man should not be worshipped like he is for obvious reasons to me. This angers Father God that people are collectively placing their hopes in wicked men. Not only Donald Trump, but many World leaders both current and former. The longer the people refuse to look only towards our coming King the further removed from the TRUTH they will become. In turn this will lead to much harder trials that are still to come. We haven’t seen anything yet.

If they continue to support Trump then they also support Project warp Speed which is mandatory Vaccinations. Along with the removal of the children from the families including detention centers. Trump has not interceded in any of the legislation currently being passed by the States. Trump says he is going to use the military in a powerful way to distribute these vaccines.

Truth of the matter is they are coming to take you by force or make you grant your consent. However; first it will not be mandatory for all and penalties will be imposed on those who refuse the vaccine or resist the transition to the economic Beast System. Likely, by taking the vaccine the hydrogel Luciferase Quantum Dot, name brand is the Hydrogel Patch which may be all included eventually. Truthfully; I am still waiting on more information regarding the Luciferase Quantum Dot (a.k.a.) “Hydrogel Patch.” Will keep you all posted when more information comes out. For awhile I was rolling with the “microchip” psyop as the “Mark of the Beast.” I since have repented of that. You can feel free to read about what I feel is without a doubt the true carnal “Mark of the Beast.”

The US is on borrowed time. The second lockdown will not be a live exercise. Have no fear at all. Every one of us was chosen for this exact time. The chosen Elect shall be empowered as the children of God have been specifically chosen for this End Time final Spiritual War before the coming of our KING of Kings and Lord of Spirits.

The difference between Zionists, Jews and Israelis

Back to the question. So a Zionist is someone who strives for an independent Jewish state. To many religious Jews, Israel is ‘the promised land’. But many non-religious Jews, too, value the fact that there is a country where Jews can live in freedom and safety. 

The vast majority of Jews believe that the State of Israel should continue to exist. But many Jews, both living in Israel and elsewhere are also in favor of a Palestinian state alongside Israel as a possible two state solution to the conflict. Wherever you stand on the situation between Israel and her neighbors. First everyone should try to put themselves in the helpless shoes of those trying to live in peace all throughout Palestine. I don’t buy the terrorism nonsense. We all should be well aware who creates the problem. In this case the clandestine agencies have always been behind the terrorist organizations hierarchy. All to further the agenda of the Elites, including those that are still pushing ahead with the New World Order “Zionist Ideology.” A One World Government, with their World Capital seated in Jerusalem: under the Seven Noahide Laws.

Israel is a people not a chosen State

Israel is a people not a chosen state by plowing through Palestine as if they were just remodeling their home. While doing the demo work they were only clearing out the pests who were actually people with families living in the houses. They plowed through as if it was just garbage in the way of their bulldozers. That is the nature of Zionism and the chosen state ideology.

If you feel this was brought on by terrorism? Please, first try to remember who orchestrates the so called terrorists to further the New World Order agenda. The Palestinians are no more responsible for the attacks against Israel than the citizens of Iraq were responsible for 9/11. If you were in the Palestinian shoes and your entire family was murdered by your neighbors who knows what you may be capable of doing out of desperate anger. Just saying that we all need to look at others perspectives before cheering on those in conflict.

Now that we know who was really behind the 9/11 Ritual Sacrifice. If you still feel it was Osama Bin Laden you are more than just a little bit off. It was who we defend and support more than any other Country in the World today along with our own Clandestine Agencies. The New World Order is to be led by the Talmudic Zionist Regime with the World Capital seated in Jerusalem. Along with the Jewish False messiah taking front and center stage.

First they want to take the children by separating the families. This is a well known fact now. It cannot be denied now that it is in NY State legislation. They will without a doubt use the Islamic extremists to further the New World Order Agenda as well.

War is already upon the World as the US burns more each day. Through these silent weapons for a quiet WAR we are soon to be in a heap of ashes. I promise, things will not be so quiet as the weeks and months progress. Continue to keep your eyes on the Kingdom and you will have your true peace and hope in Christ Jesus. Peace & grace be with you all.

Must Watch! Trump’s Kabbalah TREE of LIFE Award & so much more. (Sorry, KMN with Adam Green has been Terminated from YouTube.)

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