Fire in the Sky! While under heavy D.E.W. assault.

Captured this amazing Intelligent Entity on 8/25/2020

Last evening I had captured a 3 minute video of the above celestial object with “winged entities” all about it. I could not see this intelligent illuminary with the naked eye. I pointed my camera to the sky and this is what I captured(see image above).

Proof of not only the flickering frequency that I covered in the Holographic “Cloaked Craft Technology” video. It is the broadcast frequency that is hiding what we can actually see with our eyes. Exactly like the movie “They Live“. If or when this frequency stops broadcasting? The veil will drop & then every eye shall see what I can see that I have been revealing in my past videos through this great apocalypse. These are the projects I enjoy working on. For over 16 years I have been trying to reveal the unseen world to others. Thankfully; now at this late hour I am able to capture entities that I have never seen before. Will try to publish this video for later this evening 8/26/2020. It takes some editing to bring these anomalies out to great detail. When I am finished will be happy to share with you all.

Under Directed energy weapons fire by what appeared to be a platoon of these fallen entities that were running from me while continually under direct fire. They never once hit me. All glory to God the Father.
You should be able to see the white dot which is what appears to me every time I am fired upon with these Directed Energy Weapons.
As I was walking towards my house I was trying to get close to one of these beings. I got hung up on a low cut branch from a tree in my backyard. Then they attempted to hit me while I was hung up on the branches with continuous shots.
Again, while hung up on the branch I was under continuous Directed Energy assault. Yet, still having not been hit. Once I was freed from the branch they all fled from me.
Fire in the sky!

Will see you when the project is ready. I see that without any real interest I will work at my own pleasure. Considering I have already exposed an unbelievable amount of various “fallen entities”. Aethereal beings & the serpent race actually manifesting here on this earth plane. Along with “Supernatural” happenings in this great apocalypse. There is no more rush on these projects, at least at this time. This is more for my own personal enjoyment of exposing these “fallen beings” to share with those I know that have the eyes to see what I see. Perhaps in time more will see as well?

Not mocking anyone or belittling others at all. I totally get it. If I stumbled across the “Night’s Watch” videos? I too would likely not believe it either with all the hoaxers that are out there who have made it so much more difficult for others to trust anything they see on YouTube now. I am being straight & honest with everyone. The only reason that I can stand against the “Armies of HELL” is because I have received the Seal of God on my forehead around mid March of 2019. While also having authority over all the power of the enemy through our Redeemer Christ Jesus. Praise God.

Either way, now I intend to expose these “Fallen Entities” and reveal them once again. Firmly, now I fully understand how these entities travel through particle beams. Sound familiar? Think CERN 666. These projects are very time consuming considering a 1-3/60th’s of a frame can actually reveal the eyes of one of these beings. If I had not yet captured the eyes of these serpent beings I would never say such a thing.

Why do they expose themselves so openly to particular individuals such as myself & others? Most just never talk about it. I know that I am not the only one that has witnessed them either. Nor have I never once proclaimed they were of a good nature. Actually, they are the complete opposite. Surely, they are of the Devil.

I have not captured anything this interesting in a fairly long time. This “aetherial luminary” was not something that was of a positive nature. While filming I thought it went behind the clouds then vanished into the darkness. Actually, it manifested and then vanished back to wherever it came is safe to assume. The winged entities were all over this luminary. The number of inter-dimensional beings on the ground was not something I have witnessed since the summer of 2019. God Bless. peace & grace.

FULL Playlist of Higher Dimensional Learning. If you cannot understand this knowledge you will not be able to comprehend the Knowledge, visual and physical proof of the work that I do. No offence meant to be given. This is the boldly stated TRTUH regarding this information. It requires a higher state of ascended conscious awareness to comprehend this AI sentient high technology, and other higher dimensional beings that use humanity as an energy source.
(The End of Days (FULL Playlist) This is the world people cannot see through their deceiving eyes. This would also be considered “Project Blue Beam.” The hidden world and various technological simulated or holographic celestial bodies. In which are in TRUTH actually “AI High Technology.” This is what we the people would consider to be “Project Blue Beam.”

Even their so called “Project Blue Beam” was completely inverted upon the people here in this inverted reality. For me being on the outside looking in. This entire Matrix is mind-blowing and absolutely amazing the way this has rolled-out absolutely flawlessly. If it was not for the Prince of the Power of the Air having to tell us the TRUTH, in an occulted manner of sorts. I am convinced it would be impossible to ever really uncovered this Matrix of complete lies and perfect deceptions implemented by an ancient Artificial Intelligence: likely trillions upon trillions of years old.

What we call the world is nothing more than a biological AI program harnessed by the Fallen Race from an alternate realm. This AI entity is the greatest threat to all timelines and every space time parallel dimension, world, higher dimensional realm and even the Heavens. For whatever reason this AI Entity is required to tell the people what is really happening before it can move forward with the “full takeover.” If you feel AI is not Biblical just read Revelation:13, Daniel:2 Genesis:6 and the list goes on. Only people take it more from a Spiritual perspective rather than a, AI High technology perception.

As I have always stated. This entire system is vampiric in nature and requires our consent, or it can only take the human vessel so far into perdition. Let me be clear. We are already within the Pit. Our final mission is to make it out of the Pit before the end of the age. The time is at hand. Take the coming vaccine and you will become part of this AI Entity I have been screaming about. God Bless

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