Aatherial entities & a luminary captured. Close encounters. I was hit pretty good with a Directed Energy frequency weapon in the neck.

luminary captured.(9/19/2020)

The celestial bodies and Aertherial entities are everywhere. They are out both at night and during the day now. I can capture something every night and all day of late. I was hit pretty good with a directed energy beam on the back of my neck. I had to put castor oil on the burn. Was hoping to get a picture to post today. However; it’s not clear enough because of the hair on my neck. The directed energy hit me at about a 45 degree angle. It still is quite irritable even now.

The burn suggests that it was directed from about 15 feet high based on all the footage I have captured of these energy beams in previous vids & clips. I have shared those previous clips to those close to me, but not publicly as of yet. But you can clearly see the “still images” of the D.E.W. beams I posted on the “Fire in The Sky” Blog Post. Make no mistake, this is a Spiritual WAR as well as a real WAR that is already well underway. These silent weapons are being used across the earth as I type.

Major tech problems with my camera again. It is not allowing me to transfer my files to my computer at all, not even via Bluetooth. I will share what I have for now. When I get these tech issues resolved I have so much footage of this great apocalypse I wouldn’t know were to begin at this point. I still have the “Fire in the sky” while under Directed Energy fire continuously. I lost the project when my other computer crashed. Still need to get the data transferred. Be strong, these are the days of our great apocalypse. peace.

This is a clip from the sun just the other day. As I slow this down to .25% & .1% we can see the obvious objects and what looks to be a spiritual being of some type. There is also a bright dot above the suns halo. See you on YouTube most likely soon. Finally, I got my studio all set-up with both monitors working again. A much better set-up for a camera feed. Much love.


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