AI Quantum Reality! Resonance Trance Spell.   Your 1st eye, The Pineal Gland. Fluoride & its effects on the population. CHEM-SNOW, the random October storm.        

Rise of The AI Machine World| The sentient Prince OFFICIAL TRAILER: Was too much for YouTube terms and policies. Actually won the appeal, it's back on The Deliverer YouTube. Might be a week or more. Have another project to get out first. Rise of The AI Machine World| The sentient Prince Every human is... Continue Reading →

Ritual Consent & AI, TRANS-HUMAN Nanomedicine. EMF Frequency Weapons are Being Used everywhere. ELF Weapons Are Being Used Against Americans Far More Intensely, & The Effects - Not Good Ritual Consent & AI Dr. Geordie Rose. RISE of the Machines Quantum Computers are liken to a sentient (yes, this AI is now self-aware) Ouija Board to summon these great old ones into our earth plane. This... Continue Reading →

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