Why people cannot handle the TRUTH? The Curse of Indoctrination. Also have some great images of the Sun & moon simulators.

The people have become so hopelessly dependent on the system through layer upon layer of mind control. They will fight to protect it. Despite these are the same people we wish to awaken. They will become our greatest enemies in this world. We are only bringing to witness what is manifesting here now on earth. Yet, so few are paying attention we have been severely marginalized, and they have well over 90% of the masses on their side.

The more we watch TV or the mainstream news, the further down we fall in our ascension to see the TRUTH. The television has always been a weapon. The Smith–Mundt Act was repealed which allows our Government to use propaganda on the people. Nobody seemed to care.

Well, this is no different than “Nazi Germany” and the “Ministry of TRUTH” propaganda machine that brainwashed the German citizens. Shortly after the German’s were in utter shock as the allies rolled through Berlin and they became slaves to clean-up and remove the bodies. A few months before they were living it up. Then they found themselves as slaves clearing bodies and rebuilding for years and decades on end. Only this New World Empire is taking over the entire earth. Weeks before Berlin was a pile of destruction and dead bodies as far as the eye could see. From babies to woman & children. The German citizens were living it up having no clue what was about to strike.

This is a message from God the Father. Therefore; my apologies if the TRUTH hurts. Please, let me ask? Would you prefer to find out while at camp FEMA or begin to search your Soul now & ask to know the TRUTH before the coming Project Warp Speed that is fast approaching? I am going to be bold, since nearly nobody seems to care, or hear what I am saying. Who is it hurting by speaking boldly about the TRUTH?

Perhaps it’s time to be bold with having very little time left. I feel for certain we have past the time of fighting this enemy with gloves on. Clearly; by trying to be nice about the peoples lack of common sense has gotten us nowhere. Yes; I am also referring to all believers still invested in this Reptile posted below. You may want to look to the Kingdom & forget about this Traitor. Do his eyes even appear to be human to anyone?

Nothing odd about our “chosen ones” eye’s at all? He is one of them, and has no feelings for you at all. That is the boldly stated TRUTH!

Trump is the head that was wounded in Rev:13:3.(100% Confirmed!) I am not prepared to share just yet. Nor can I say Trump is the A.C. specifically. Although every single President was an A.C., TRUTHFULLY speaking. No matter what lies they spew they are not serving the Word God that men call the “Most High”, that is a promise. Although, it is becoming very clear he is likely the next stepping stone to the actual False messiah. But, I cannot rule out Kushner in all this either. Perhaps it is not meant to be known to me as of yet or ever perhaps? I once truly believed OBAMA was the A.C. But so was Bush Jr… As I had stated, they are all an A.C. to a degree. Every president has been one stepping stone to the next, to put this simply. Think of every President as another stair on the way to the A.C. False Mashiach to be seated in Jerusalem.

Trump revealed HIMSELF as being one of the heads that was wounded and healed. Revelation 13:333 day’s before the election & 111 day’s after his b-day. c’mon people? This is what really happened. (wound) G4127:figuratively a calamity: – plague, stripe, wound. Trump goes in on Friday and is released on Sunday. Trump has made a mockery of the Resurrection. Including has just started calling this “a plague G4127(wound)” for the first time. He has already made it clear who he proclaims to be. Trump even called this a God given miracle. Such B.S. Trump I would suggest never had a virus or even a slight temperature.

They are all just another step to the real Devil in the Flesh, or call him the Anti-Christ or the Jews False Mashiach, sadly the Christians too. Even Obama at this time, after all I have now learned! He still appears to have a major role to play. Actually; Barack Obama never stopped playing the “Game of Thrones” even to this day.

The Spirit reveals to me that never, not in an entire earth age would the Jews except a (“Muslim/Obama”) as their “Mashiach”. Obama is strongly suggested to be the “Islamic “Mahdi“. Let us not lie to ourselves. Israel would never except a “Muslim” as the their “Mashiach”. However; I do strongly feel that Obama is going to be coming back. Just a feeling I have and it has been there ever since he left office. Although, the fact is that Obama never really left to begin with. Not suggesting Father God revealed this to me because he did not, to the best of my knowledge? This is what I have uncovered through my own research & countless hours of work.

Feel free to disagree. We are all here to help one another grow. With all that is going on. Putting together the final pieces to this earth age puzzle often leads to a few errors. I am simply giving you all what I am feeling is a probable outcome, based on all my research.

Likely; Trump is the next “stepping stone”(The Kabbalah Zionist Rabbis refer to Trump as their incarnated Elias, including, Cyrus the Great of our day to oversee the construction of the 3rd Temple.) Most of this Temple is already built underground. How about that? They say the A.C. is to make fire come down from Heaven in the sight of men. (Hint: it is technology.) Most believers are captured deep within HIS spell that has been cast upon the world. I tell you all the TRUTH.

Let us not pretend your vote actually counts or Trump is our savior. Telling ourselves by mainlining “Hopium” Trump is playing 5D chess to arrest pedophiles? That is why the entire world was shut-down to arrest the bad guys? Yeah, right, the Governments of the World have been arresting high profile figures & very happily murdering these criminals since the very beginning of time. Why would they shut down the world to arrest a bunch of psychopathic pedophiles?

Hope is a major part of the Trance resonance spell. That is why they continue to ping pong with the masks & mandates. All they are doing is talking non-stop keeping the sheeple occupied as the agenda moves forward. No matter what the WHO pretends to be saying or Trump is having his script writers Tweet this still continues to move forward without delay.

Please, ponder on that for a bit. Everyone must reach their own conclusions. I nor anyone else can force anything upon anyone. This is what I have to deal with day in & day out. My “personal conclusion” is that “not” until the crap truly hits the fan will anybody actually be truly waking-up at this late in the age. Only thing I can see clearly happening is the lines are becoming obviously more clear as to what side you are on. Again, this is all by design, as we are still being separated as the wheat form the tares. I have to say something major is brewing.

As I am preparing my property, supplies, actual drills as I am led by the Spirit to be ready for a dark, cold, likely burdensome winter. I don’t know exactly what is coming, but everyone with these gifts can feel it their bones, as do I myself. I would suggest that if you’re reading this and you have not prepared? You should at least get 50lb. bags of Rice with some Bullion for flavor. So much more as well, such as, you will absolutely need a clean water source.

What we do not want to happen is to get rounded up by the authorities. I feel strongly the vaccines and whatever else they have in store will first not be 100% mandatory. They plan to impose both financial and travel restricted penalties, until we will not even be able to leave the house. That might well get the Civil War going that the powers have been trying so hard to kick-off here at home. Rest assured they are coming. Chinese Infantry Troops have been Training in Canada since late 2017 until today as I type.

Moon Simulator… Much of this technological monster is an illusion of Holographic light projections. It is large, but nowhere near as large as it appears to our eyes. There is so much to discuss related to the Holographic Universe it certainly can get overwhelming at times.
The End of DAYS – The PIT (ep#1)
Sun Simulator, like the moon Simulator, we can clearly see the 6 sides.

The Curse of Indoctrination & the errors made by Following man & not the Spirit of TRUTH.

I still share regularly with those I know don’t sit there and try to label me as some Dragon. Only because I am a “Watchman” who was called to hunt the Fallen One’s while having no fear to work and learn from others regarding their craft. For example, alchemy & remote viewing. All of it is required to understand not only my blessed gifts. But, without such wisdom I could never resolve the things I have witnessed or experienced my entire life.

Including what we are witnessing all over the earth & in the skies now at the end of the age. No, I have never practiced any “dark arts” or speak to the dead, even though I could at will. I now only associate with those who I can actually relate with when speaking of higher dimensional topics, interdimensional beings, astral travel & remote viewing. Which is pure illumination for me.

Sorry if my having been called to be a Watchman makes you feel as if your somehow more righteous because you believe what I do is not Godly in some way. If it was not for people like me throughout the ages, most would still be sacrificing chickens for safe passage. The attacks against me are now laughable & sad to a degree how people are under direct V2K assault. If you have to leave me over 10 comments in a row, before I even respond than something is not right. As if pounding your fist suggesting you are who you say you are is “NOT” helping your cause at all. You are deceived by technology.

My work speaks for itself. I don’t even like to talk about who I am in the spirit. Please, don’t waste my time with 10 straight maxed out character comments. That are so ridiculous sounding you discredit not just yourself, but anyone who serves our Father God in HIS Christ our Redeemer. That type of behavior reflects poorly upon those who truly are the chosen Elect. There are countless Watchmen called by the “Spirit of God”. It just happens I am unique with my blessed gifts. If my gifts frighten you? Then take it up with the BOSS. Because I was born this way.

Most hear about Alchemy and assume it is evil or Satanic. The misperceptions of our fellow man is quite sad to me. This is all due to indoctrination. Most of these people are the most kind, loving, empathic people you would ever meet. They do not even abuse drugs or alcohol. Just because we may have different foundations does not mean they have nothing positive to offer.

That is the curse of indoctrination when we shut others out because we have been mind control programmed to be”LIE“ve it’s evil when it’s not evil at all. I can’t do it, that is for sure. Alchemy is usually handed down through the generations and was practiced before Christ ever walked this earth. Alchemy reaches all the way back to the Ancient of Days.

Trump is here to oversee the dissolution of the US and install the New world Order capital seated in Jerusalem. Our Father God through HIS Spirit of TRUTH has gone out into the World to teach those with ears to hear & eyes to see. I only reveal what my Father God has spoken expressly to me. Receive the TRUTH or don’t. I care nothing about what man thinks. I only care about my crown in the Kingdom.

I will boldly state that anyone still promoting Trump is a False Prophet, which I despise. I know what is required of the prophets and to say the Father told you something when he did not is a serious offence. REPENT! Digest it and move forward, we all make mistakes especially when being hit with V2k technology that is being used to a tremendous extent now. Most are far too proud to ever admit that this is possible despite the overwhelming evidence.

Do you not see I am trying to help you out so perhaps you will not have to suffer what is falling upon the world as I type? If you are still voting and supporting any wing of politics you’re asleep & I am sorry. You may want to let go of the mind control programming and look to the Kingdom alone.

This is all part of the grand delusion. The MAGA blind followers that only see what they want to see. Along with the movement “where we go one we go all” is now solidified. Now that the Savior of the world supposedly contracted a “plague” that does not exist. Which will reinforce the walking dead so called patriots into the slaughter. He/Trump never had any virus since there is no virus. We the people are the virus. Coronavirus is a natural RNA exosome in all humans. We are the virus. If you can see I promise you will test positive, considering there is a 90% false positive rate. Nothing strange with the entire Cabinet now suddenly falling ill to this pandemic. Prepare for something major coming in the weeks and maybe months ahead. This is shaping up to be the Darkest Winter in modern History.(Dr. Bright)

Mr. TRUMP is evil as the day is long. I have received this from the Spirit of TRUTH in HIS Christ our Redeemer. Keep placing your hopes in the “Kabballah Illusionist” Zionist chosen state ideology that occupy Israel. With possibly Trump or Kushner as the Antichrist and you shall see TRIBULATION unlike anything that has ever been witnessed now or any time since very beginning. If you cannot handle the TRUTH take it before the Word in absolute search of the TRUTH & then take it up with our messiah Christ Yeshua. I already have told you all the TRUTH.

This can no longer be ignored. Like I said, I have not made a conclusion. I feel he is the Elias of the Jews before they announce the False messiah & Trump is to oversee the 3rd Temple. Obama is likely the 12th Imam or the Mahdi we should say, as I have already stated. I do feel Obama has a major role to play. I am not prophesying, I am giving my feelings based on all the evidence I have been gathering.

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