Winged Creatures | Sun Simulators. The End of Days (Episode #2)

US Military successful “Lightning Weapon Test” a.k.a. “Plasma Channel Weapon”

The world we believe to be our true reality through our deceiving eyes is the world the powers want us to see and believe. Infrared Holographic cloaking technology has been used for at least the past two decades. This technology is required to grossly manipulate the world we can perceive through our eyes. Our inverted reality is an intermingled Technological MATRIX of A.I. that has been weaponized by manifesting powers & principalities into our world. The Beast system is already taking control through Transhumanism via the chemtrails/geoengineering. This technology is already a part of all of us. As D-Wave Quantum Computing is continually fed real-time biological, as well as personal data that is to be used against us.

Directed Energy being used to ignite the CA. Wildfires.
WINGED CREATURES & Sun Simulators-(The End of Days, ep#2)

This is all part of the grand delusion. WW3 is already under way. Silent weapons for a silent WAR are turning out to be so obvious. I can now only conclude people are under such mind control programming they truly cannot see what is happening here.

We are looking at the Winged Creatures with “tails like scorpions” or one might even liken these beings to a “Stingray” based on the way they seem to flow through the “aether” well beyond the earths atmosphere in between the moon and the earth. When compared to the entities I have captured over and over they are the same Flying Winged creatures. My footage is within the earth atmosphere and the moon footage was captured with a p900 & a telescopic 2X lens.

Which now proves to me these “Winged Creatures” that have tails like a stinger are not only in the sky above, but also in what we would call “space” in between the moon & the earth. Many theorize that space is actually a liquid. I personally agree 100%. I know that to be true, unfortunately, none of us have ever been to what the “powers that be” call “Space”. Therefore; this is of course speculation on everyone’s part.

One thing we should all be able to agree on. Would be that it is not possible for space to be a vacuum. Simple observations of the stars, moon & the planets reveals these celestial bodies are dwelling within an atmosphere of a very still, clear fluid. Never mind that thrust engines/rockets would be useless within a vacuum. Also looking at the sun simulators that have been proven by countless YouTube channels. So I created a short compilation at the end of the video, but there is so much more. I personally feel it is worth watching the Sun Simulator compilation. Even if you are well aware they are out there often times years later more is revealed since we have all grown in the spirit over the years.

The End of DAYS – The PIT (ep#1)

Looking at the life cycle of “The Pit” along with the spiritual manifestations of the “Flying Winged Entities” hatching out of their spiritual hive into our world. As the veil continues to fade even more. All that has been hidden is now being made known. I intend to expose this perceived reality through this great apocalypse.

Animation of the real late 2019 “Night’s Watch” footage. I layered over the Night’s Watch footage with an actual “Bee swarm”. All in effort to help train your eyes to see what I can see with my blessed Spiritual Gifts.
Animation to help your eyes see what I can see as well as show how the PIT is loosed at the end of the age. That is when all the Fallen Angels & Demonic prisoners are loosed to torment all who dwell upon the earth after the Servants of God are sealed on their forehead in REV:7:2&3… The PIT(HADES, spiritual prison) which is loosed when the 5th Angel sounds in Rev:9:1-2. This has already happened and these winged creatures along with every other fallen being is now here. Only they are held back until Father God seals HIS servants on their forehead with the Seal of the Living God.

Sun simulator patent bausch & lomb

Pictures of sun simulator

Sun Simulator. Clearly, we can see SIX sides.
Close-up of a man standing under one of the XENON LAMPS mounted upon the Sun Simulator
The Ouroboros(cycle of life) & The PIT(HADES, spiritual prison) which is loosed when the 5th Angel sounds in Rev:9:1-2.

Basically, everything we have been taught about this perceived world is the inverted opposite to whatever we are mind controlled to believe in school. We were all born into a LIE. Not just some of it is a lie, everything down to the smallest detail has been a lie in this world. I would strongly suggest the only TRUTH we were ever taught in any school system was mathematics, music & physical education. Which mathematics & music are truly the universal language. One being equations(math) and the other being a “vibration & frequency” which correlates into math. These topics regarding our perceived reality along with the Heavens appear as though they will never stop evolving. As we all continue to grow in our understanding at our own pace.

As much as I would love to just wake people up it does not work that way. I have tried everything from hitting people upside the head with a 2×4. Then finding a bigger and heavier piece of wood which led to pounding people in the head with cinder blocks, metaphorically speaking. Point being, is people have to wake-up on their own through the subtle injection of small TRUTHS that are not overwhelming. Screaming at people and calling them names. That will only make them turn from any chance at ever actually looking at the facts.

I found the bigger the brick I used to try to wake people up, the more it all backfired. We must let go and understand that the Great Tribulation is for those that are caught in this grand delusion. If they are meant to be reaped for the Harvest they most certainly will be. If they have no ears to hear, nor eyes to see we must march forward.

I only say this because there are more than enough people to help wake-up that are already starting to open their eyes. First off, we cannot sound like a maniac by dumping everything from Flat Earth to nanotech & programmable matter or cloning. They will stop listening after the words “Flat earth”. First, I find a common ground as the starting point. I love to use simple analogies, usually referencing both the Matrix Trilogy and They Live for a visual starting point. Once you feel them biting on your Spiritual fishing hook. That is when we begin inject small doses of TRUTH to get their mind & Spirit to begin to ponder. Be patient & then allow the information to sit until they begin to ask questions. That is the only approach that has ever worked for me.

I know how hard it is to let go of those you love. All we can do is sow the seeds and pray they will sprout into life eternal. Our #1 concern should be for those closest & yourself. Once your household is awake & saved then look to the extended family or friends. We all need to remain focused and follow the Spirit of TRUTH in our Redeemer Christ Yeshua.

Lunar Simulator . Exactly as the Solar Simulator there are 6 sides.
We can see the Lensing array in the lens flare. This we can clearly see the reflection of the Cathode-ray Tube. the C.R. TUBE modulates, accelerates, and deflects electron beam(s) onto the screen to create the images.
Lunar Simulator. We can see the Holographic Projection clearly here. Just as the lens flare revealed the Cathode-ray tube on the Solar Simulator. As does this lens flare reveal the lens array Holographic projection from behind the simulated moon.
Flying Winged Creature captured on 9/27/2020 (@ 22:49)
Flying Winged Creature captured on 9/27/2020 (@ 22:49) Notice the energy Arc coming off the Technological monster they are trying to pass off as the moon.
These same “Winged Creatures with a Tail” are outside of the earths atmosphere. They actually look to be swimming like a Stingray very near & even upon the moon itself.

This was captured with a Nikon p900 by another YouTube channel the evening I finished (Episode 1) Titled “The PIT”. Please understand, that the man who captured this footage is not a converted believer, to the best of my knowledge? Either way, it doesn’t matter with regards to his faith or lack thereof. Simply stated he could not understand what he was looking at? He refers to them as Stingrays because of the way they glide through the “Aether” like they are swimming within liquid. Although; even he stated repeatedly. “These creatures have tails“. He only had no idea what they were since he had never seen them before. I have been recording these Winged Creatures with tails like scorpions since June 22nd, 2019. I know exactly what they are & where they came from.

AI Swarm Drones. High Technology.

These swarm drones are likely for surveillance, but I am only speculating because they do have the capacity to kill a target. Each drone according to the US NAVY LOCUST SWARM BOT SYSTEM is capable of carrying several grams of shape-charge explosives to eliminate any enemy once they make contact. The drones cannot be stopped nor defeated due to the tremendous pace that they travel. One “vehicle dump” from a plane or a Battery of advanced micro-drone tubes. They can perform up to 4 missions. These drones are 100% autonomous, and will not stop until their mission is complete. I feel they operate on an magnetic frequency which might explain how they travel so incredibly fast?

A single Swarm Drone vehicle drop has enough individual drones to precisely eliminate half of a cities human population. At a cost of approximately 5 million dollars if I remember correctly? The cheapest and most effective weapons system available today in my opinion. These drones move so fast it is impossible to see with the naked eye. This was a 1 in a million shot to capture them in this perfect formation.


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