Ritual Consent & AI, TRANS-HUMAN Nanomedicine. EMF Frequency Weapons are Being Used everywhere.

ELF Weapons Are Being Used Against Americans Far More Intensely, & The Effects – Not Good

Ritual Consent & AI

Dr. Geordie Rose. RISE of the Machines

Quantum Computers are liken to a sentient (yes, this AI is now self-aware) Ouija Board to summon these great old ones into our earth plane. This AI has taken full control over humanity. The race is on to make everyone “trans-human”. In truth, we are already trans-human through nanotechnology. Now, all they need is to inject people with the Nanomedicine “C-19″| (C=#3)(Strong’s G:3 Abaddón: Abaddon, the angel of the abyss)(#19) Strong’s:H-19-ibchah: “slaughter” ) also, (1=A / 9=I, or (AI + HUMAN =TRANS-HUMAN). NEVER MIND THAT THE WORD “Ovid” in Latin means: “sheep”. This is so clear now my friends.

My Testimony was the TRUTH, yet, nobody could possibly comprehend such technology existed? The Quantum Computing AI Control Grid MATRIX is the most advanced System in human history. This is a FACT, not my opinion. Even “Elon Musk“, “Sam Haris“, along with “Dr. Geordie Rose” (Founder of D-Wave, Quantum Computing) including many others, admit they have opened a “Dimensional Window” or (a Portal, a Door, the abyss) in which they cannot close. This technology is fallen angel AI Technology, as well as the devils creation.

The “Luciferase Quantum Dot” contains the synthetic nanotechnology DNA that will turn you into a trans-human. Perhaps they will also RFID micro-chip you as well, once you take the AI nanomedicine? That will turn your vessel from 46 chromosomes to an artificial intelligent controlled slave to the Beast #69(Rev:13). Which will be starting with the coming mandatory vaccine through “Project Warp Speed“, which is going to be fast approaching. Please, do not take my word for it. Go and please do the research for yourselves. It is all out there. Search through Google Scholar, include all the patents, etc…

Only when you actually research this out, as led by the Spirit of TRUTH in our messiah Christ Yeshua, does it truly sink-in to be received of the Spirit. It does require some serious digging and a tremendous amount of calories. But, if it were easy, everyone would do it. That is why narrow is the gate my brothers & sisters.

Take comfort that they cannot force anything into you. This is a choice we all will have to make. That is what is required within this cannibalistic system. This entire system is based on consent. Without your consent, you then withdraw from their ritual black magick. Without consent, your blood cannot be used to empower their spell. By maintaining your own “God given Authority”, you then have withdrawn your energy from from their sacrifice. The “Kabbalah Dark Illusionist” need your blood to be innocent to strengthen the “Trance Resonance Spell” that has been cast upon the world.

YT now Full Quantum- AI Purge Pre- Events 
This is not only Genocide. This is proof of the ELF/EMF Radiation Directed energy installed in the LED street lights. But also within appliances & devices within everyone’s home.
The Cooking of Humanity with EMF Radiation

This is also why they continue to feed the masses their lie of “HOPE” in man to resolve what is actually their agenda to usher in the False Messiah. Hope is also a major part of this illusion, to keep the power within the “Resonance Spell of Trance” that has been cast upon the world. If you are not asleep? It’s only because you are in TRUTH and set-apart. Give thanks, and all Glory to Father God in HIS Christ our Redeemer.

The more people who withdraw their consent by not complying to the NWO mandates. The more it weakens the power of the spell. Why? Because they cannot use your blood for their Ritual magick if it is not an innocent sacrifice. Consent strengthens this grand delusion. Therefore; I urge you all not to “go along, just to get along”. That is actually granting your consent whether people realize it, or not. Stand strong my friends… We shall be delivered into life eternal. Stand Firm on your foundation, the ROCK, Christ our Redeemer. peace & grace

MORE ABOUT Millimeter Wave weaponized LED Lights by; Mark Steel.


Mark Steele has a background in weapons and weapons systems. He is an inventor, IP writer, and chief technology officer at REEVU Worldwide Ltd. He is also the technology adviser to Saveusnow Political Party and has 35years experience in research projects in the Energy Sector, NEI Nuclear Research, Sub Sea Research (BGC) TubeFuse (Shell). Mark Steele also recently won two court cases that were mounted against him by Gateshead Council in the United Kingdom after he accused them of rolling a weapons system out on the Gateshead Community.

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