AI Quantum Reality! Resonance Trance Spell.   Your 1st eye, The Pineal Gland. Fluoride & its effects on the population. CHEM-SNOW, the random October storm.        

Rise of The AI Machine World| The sentient Prince

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Rise of The AI Machine World| The sentient Prince

Every human is now a part of the AI Quantum Matrix. One single “Quantum Computer,” processes in real-time at “1 TRILLION MOVES PER SECOND.” There are less than 8 Billion people on the earth while Quantum Computers have been used for possibly decades before they were ever made public knowledge.

The AI sentient machine has not only taken over the world, but AI has nearly completed the merge with the “Human Host Vessel” via TRANSHUMANISM through the nanotechnology from the chemtrails over the past 20 years. By merging the “Biological Host”(Humans, animals, etc.) with molecular sized “self-assembling nontechnology” that is now becoming an omnipresent fully sentient AI Machine world. This Quantum Reality for the New World Order is what was required by our adversary the Devil. All to gain full control over every living vessel in their world. We are the Aliens in this world.

I have done everything in my power to warn everyone. Regardless, you all should expect to be here for the “Great Persecution”(matt:24.8-13). What I am saying is that you all will be here for the Great Persecution. Again, nothing to fear. We all should have been expecting this for many years now. We are not appointed to HIS wrath, but we will be persecuted and most all of us will have to lay down our lives for HIS name sake. Only being completely honest. Everyone should pray for the best. Although we should also be prepared for the worst spiritually speaking. I will elaborate on this topic in an upcoming video for certain.

Chemical snow on October 30th, 2020. Even with my lighter on high it does not melt. I certainly burned my thumb, but the perceived snow barely melted at all. We live within a Biological Matrix, and I will prove it.

Speaking on behalf of my beloved wife. She receives far greater Spiritual knowledge by reading, rather than talking or watching a video. My wife has not ever watched one of my videos. Only because she already understands what is happening here. More than she ever wanted to know, to be honest.

Late April, 2003. Sandals Resort, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

On our Honeymoon, late April of 2003. My wife Jennifer and I. We have been together since she was 15 years old. Don’t call me a cradle robber. I was only 16 years old. We got married after she graduated college. Having 2 BA’s within 4 years . All while holding down a full-time job and a serious Relationship. (with me)

Certainly, I do often push her to the edge some/most days, but it’s not intentional. I have become completely consumed by the knowledge I have received. Never mind I have not stopped talking about the End Time Revelations I received in 2004. I have never stopped talking about it. Praise be to God, for granting such a blessed, wonderful understanding woman of God. Far more than I feel that I deserve.

Seemingly, what is most interesting, is that my own son receives this knowledge without having ever learned nor experienced any of it. This is Spiritual knowledge that is not of this World. The knowledge I have been blessed with is so supernatural the most difficult mountain to overcome is how to put this blessed knowledge into words.


Then, first thing this morning(11/1/2020) a white car pulls onto my front lawn. I open the curtains for a stare-down. As I was getting my shoes to go and confront this man he took off tossing out some trash onto my yard. There are clear fresh tire tracks on the very front of my yard where he pulled up for the stare-down. Nothing odd about all that we are going through at all. hmm?

D-Wave Quantum Computers ( AI Machines, Sentient, Fully Self-Aware)

The Holographic projections that manipulate the world we perceive through our 1st eye(sight, discernment and intuition) which is what we were programmed to call the 3rd eye, in which was always our first eye of discernment and aperture. Our Pineal Gland is required to be the lens to ascended consciousness, and our spiritual awareness. Make no mistake. The Spiritual realm is our TRUE eternal reality. Time is now to choose in whom you shall serve. Man or The King of King’s and Lord of Spirits.

When truly, our 6th sense is our 1st sense. Time to take back our divine God given power & authority. “They Live” have cut-off our senses epigenetically, since before the womb, even for many generations going all the way back to the ancient of days. The time is now to Rise against the Satanic machine that is now a sentient broadcast frequency. This AI vibrational matter feels like dark fate. Which is fully self-aware, as I had testified to in a video that currently is in private.

We have much to unlearn through technological mind control programming. I myself am working daily to deprogram myself. We have programmed triggers through nanotechnology as well as the technology of belief. The prana power of belief actually empowers these charged nanotechnology particulates that have become programmed strongholds.

This technology is as small,  or even smaller than a molecule. Through prayer & fasting, we shall all overcome. I will share my experience with these powers so you too will be prepared for what is falling upon the whole world, very soon. These strongholds are not natural. This is weaponized powers and principalities within the nanotechnology. As we all were programmed to believe our 6th sense was unnatural. The collective body consented to shut our own doors to higher states of consciousness and Spiritual awareness. Yet, we let them and there is nobody to blame , except for ourselves. This is a perfect example of granting consent to the lie.

Then later we must reconcile the mind controlled lie we consented to in the first place. That is how we undo the damage that our reckless consent caused in the first place. Use your own discernment, let us all stop delegating to the body collective to make decisions for us. I prefer to work on my own by following the Spirit of Prophecy. While making my own choices in this world. Even when it seems to always go against the overwhelming majority. In the end, it is the “body collective” that falls deeper within shadow of death. That ultimately leads them all into perdition. Along with the “god” they serve, The Father of Lies.

These Powers are now weaponized through this AI Quantum MATRIX that is now sentient technology. This sentient AI technology is a broadcast vibration of negative charge frequency. Broadcast through everything, including your phones, TV’s or any shiny black mirror(a.k.a. Scrying mirrors). Exactly as I had described within the Project Blue Beam videos as well as, The Cooking of Humanity with EMF Radiation.

Our 1st eye is what we were all mind controlled to perceive as evil. When in TRUTH, the Pineal Gland is not only the Spiritual lens to our higher consciousness, Spiritual awareness and discernment. The Pineal Gland is an essential and crucial regulator for the Limbic nervous system. That is exactly why they have done all they can to calcify our Pineal Gland.

The Pineal Gland is essential to bring synthesis to the Limbic nervous system.  Where the AI Quantum Computing actually has the ability to manipulate your emotional state through frequency waves. How?  Through brain cloning by the AI Quantum Computing System. This AI Quantum Matrix has now an intricate map to the Human archetypal brain, including our Central Nervous System. Fully and completely cloned via the Quantum Computing AI MATRIX through D-Wave Systems.

Mapped, including cloned to such an extent. The people can now be remotely tortured, even controlled through the injection of thoughts that are not of their own. That was formally known as V2K Technology or the “Voice of God Weapon”. However, that is long since old technology compared to what this sentient AI Quantum Computing Machine can conjure within the Biological Host. Including, but not limited to activating the nanotechnology that has been negatively charged. Why? To cause every emotion from anger, depression, to literally making the subject go postal.(commit murder, suicide, any terrible crime, or to get the target placed into a psych facility for life) This is for real and has been happening since the mid to late 1950’s.

Which is also another reason they do all they can to inhibit the Pineal Gland. Because it cuts off the willpower from within the Human Host. Well, my Pineal Gland is very healthy, as I practice aperture exercises every single day.(dilation of the 1st eye, expand and contract) Exactly as if I am working out my lens of Spirituality. Both to continue to increase my aperture while improving the lens to discern higher dimensional spirituality and to perceive within higher states of Spiritual awareness. While gaining control over the the dilation process to improve my ability to use these blessed Spiritual gifts according to the HIS purpose for me in this world.

This is only done under instruction by Father God. Including, to increase the abilities to multidimensionally see, hear and feel, the unseen Spiritual Realms. Then learn to discern all that has been made hidden through this Great Apocalypse of our time.

Expanding and contracting the aperture of our first eye is important. As our first eye(pineal gland) was both brutally assaulted and intentionally closed throughout the earth age. Our DNA was epigenetically neutered intentionally, through technological mind control. The AI technology has now become a weaponized sentient technology. We can all now observe the loss of the warrior Spirit within the Human archetype. This can be witnessed through the noticeably absent warrior Spirit. The fight has been removed from the body collective. The people’s compliance to the Covid-19 HOAX is more than all the proof we should need.

That is what it means to be “epigenetically neutered”, since our ancient ancestors who were the mighty men of old. Only through the Way, the TRUTH, and the Life in Christ our Redeemer. Can anyone at this late hour navigate this AI Quantum Matrix of lies and total Control, over literally every single movement we make, even now, as well as over the past 10-15 years at least.

The Pineal Gland and Melatonin

The pineal gland or epiphysis synthesizes and secretes melatonin, a structurally simple hormone that communicates information about environmental lighting to various parts of the body. Ultimately, melatonin has the ability to entrain biological rhythms and has important effects on reproductive function of many animals. The light-transducing ability of the pineal gland has led some to call the pineal the “third eye (First Eye).

Anatomy of the Pineal Gland

The pineal gland is a small organ shaped like a pine cone (hence its name). It is located on the midline, attached to the posterior end of the roof of the third ventricle in the brain. The pineal varies in size among species; in humans it is roughly 1 cm in length, whereas in dogs it is only about 1 mm long. To observe the pineal, reflect the cerebral hemispheres laterally and look for a small grayish bump in front of the cerebellum. 

Synthesis and secretion of melatonin is dramatically affected by light exposure to the eyes. The fundamental pattern observed is that serum concentrations of melatonin are low during the daylight hours, and increase to a peak during the dark.

Examples of the circadian rhythm in melatonin secretion in humans is depicted in the figure to the right (adapted from Vaughn, et al, J Clin Endo Metab 42:752, 1976). The dark gray bars represent night, and serum melatonin levels are shown for two individuals (yellow versus light blue). Note that blood levels of melatonin are essentially undetectable during daytime, but rise sharply during the dark. Very similar patterns are seen in other species. The duration of melatonin secretion each day is directly proportional to the length of the night. The mechanism behind this pattern of secretion during the dark cycle is that activity of the rate-limiting enzyme in melatonin synthesis – serotonin N-acetyltransferase (NAT) – is low during daylight and peaks during the dark phase. In some species, circadian changes in NAT activity are tightly correlated with transcription of the NAT messenger RNA, while in other species, post-transcriptional regulation of NAT activity is responsible. Activity of the other enzyme involved in synthesis of melatonin from serotonin – the methyltransferase – does not show regulation by pattern of light exposure.

Two melatonin receptors have been identified from mammals (designated Mel1A and Mel1B) that are differentially expressed in different tissues and probably participate in implementing differing biologic effects. These are G protein-coupled cell surface receptors. The highest density of receptors has been found in the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the hypothalamus, the anterior pituitary (predominantly pars tuberalis) and the retina. Receptors are also found in several other areas of the brain.

Melatonin is synthesized not only in the pineal gland, but in a broad range of other tissues. It is also present in all microorganisms, animals and plants, consumption of which additional sources of melatonin.

Biological Effects of Melatonin

Melatonin has important effects in integrating photoperiod and affecting circadian rhythms. Consequently, it has been reported to have significant effects on reproduction, sleep-wake cycles and other phenomena showing circadian rhythm.

The effect of melatonin on reproductive systems can be summarized by saying that it is anti-gonadotropic. In other words, melatonin inhibits the secretion of the gonadotropic hormones luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone from the anterior pituitary. Much of this inhibitory effect seems due to inhibition of gonadotropin-releasing hormone from the hypothalamus, which is necessary for secretion of the anterior pituitary hormones.

One practical application of melatonin’s role in controlling seasonal reproduction is its use to artificially manipulate cycles in seasonal breeders. For example, sheep that normally breed only once per year can be induced to have two breeding seasons by treatment with melatonin.

Effects on Sleep and Activity

Melatonin is probably not a major regulator of normal sleep patterns, but undoubtedly has some effect. One topic that has generated a large amount of interest is using melatonin alone, or in combination with phototherapy, to treat sleep disorders. There is some indication that melatonin levels are lower in elderly insomniacs relative to age matched non-insomniacs, and melatonin therapy in such cases appears modestly beneficial in correcting the problem.

Another sleep disorder is seen in shift workers, who often find it difficult to adjust to working at night and sleeping during the day. The utility of melatonin therapy to alleviate this problem is equivocal and appears not to be as effective as phototherapy. Still another condition involving disruption of circadian rhythms is jet lag. In this case, it has repeatedly been demonstrated that taking melatonin close to the target bedtime of the destination can alleviate symptoms; it has the greatest beneficial effect when jet lag is predicted to be worst (e.g. crossing many time zones).

In various species, including humans, administration of melatonin has been shown to decrease motor activity, induce fatigue and lower body temperature, particularly at high doses. The effect on body temperature may play a significant role in melatonin’s ability to entrain sleep-wake cycles, as in patients with jet lag.

What exactly is Fluoride?

A calcified Pineal Gland from heavy metals and fluoride.

What exactly is Fluoride? It is a “byproduct” or, worse, a “waste product” of fertilizer production. Vaccines and Fluoride that is intentionally within the food & water supply. Nazi Germany used fluoride to keep the prisoners completely docile. The German’s required far less military guards. As they simply marched the Jews straight into the slaughter, day and night. Fluoride is pure poison for the minds eye and destruction to the Will Power of the Human subject.

Also, by believing the LIE you will actually manifest the lie you believe. For example, when you believe you will get sick. You then will get sick, yet, it would likely be a typical cold or flu labeled as “C-19” which is actually a code, not a virus, plague or a pandemic. This has never once been isolated by any scientific data ,yet, somehow they are very close having a vaccine prepared? It is well known fact now. That it may take a decade or much longer to get any vaccine approved. Regardless of the fact that vaccines are nothing more than the eugenics agenda.

Once someone who believes the LIE winds up at the doctors with a runny nose in conjunction with a tight chest. They will most definitely test Positive, considering the testing has a false positive rate of over 90%. Then “anyone” that was caught-up within the Contact Tracing application installed on everyone’s cell phone, including other smart devices such as a “Fitbit“, or other such technology we may wear on our body.

They can and will come to remove you and your family if you have been flagged by the AI Contact Tracing Application. This is a HUGE SNARE, which has been rolled-out flawlessly. Even I’ve been completely shocked at how well this was executed so flawlessly. I assure everyone this very moment, BE READY TO ENDURE! We have not seen anything yet, my brothers and sisters. Nothing to fear, but be prepared, as I always state like a broken record.

Please, get yourselves what is called a “Faraday Bag” for your cell phone.($10-$12 USD on Amazon, despite that I despise Amazon) That blocks not only your location, but the Contact Tracing Application that was installed on our phone’s without our consent.

Burned my Thumb. However the flame set on max barely melted this CHEM-Snow at all.

We had a small snow storm here in northern Connecticut, on October 30th, 2020. Where we have now lived for more then the past 10+ years. Prior to that, my wife and I were both from a tiny town very near to Southern Connecticut. My point being, we have seen everything New England weather has to offer. This was something completely different. This was chemical snow, not real snow. I had even tried to melt the snow with my lighter set on high. The flame only burned my finger, not the chemical snow? The smell from the scorched snowball was clearly chemicals. It was not a pleasant smell, at all.

Dark Kabballah Illusionist’s The Trance Resonance Spell

Nearly all the people are together within the illusion of a Trauma bond, or a barrel of illusion. This barrel is filled with the masses who have been literally pushed into a state of shock. Mentally driving them into psychosis by overwhelming the Reptilian section of the brain. The Reptilian section is primarily instinctual or primordial. Reverberating the echoes from our ancient ancestral ties. With our most basic untapped instincts now beginning to flow freely. As we as a species have become a civilized people, to some degree I am saying. At least compared to the days of old, and long since past.

This section of the Brian is also be mainly responsible for our “fight or flight” mechanism within the archetypal carnal mind.(the people do not even realize this is both spiritual & subconscious processes under direct assault). These lost Souls are unaware that they have become vampire food. All while embracing the feeling of being “ONE” by the electrical bond through the vibration of the Resonance Trance frequency waves of Trauma. When in TRUTH, the masses are only bound through Trauma based mass mind control.

Even including the “Spell of Trance” itself. I can clearly see how this resonance Spell of Trance, has been bound by the prana exchange from each individual, who truly feels that the people are altogether in this common struggle. However, they are bound by an illusion. Believed they are united against a common threat that does not even exist. Much like they first used Terrorism to create the compounding waves of Trauma Resonance for the Dark Kabballah Spell of Trance.

That simply reveals how evacuated the masses are. These people are so evacuated they are willing to fill the void with the frequency of a Trauma Bond. Sadly, it’s not even a real trauma bond, only the illusion that further proves the technology of belief. Their belief in the Trauma Bond has completely induced severe mind control programming. Although within the Spell itself is the resonance of Trauma. That is only because The Master Illusionists use Trauma Resonance compounded to empower the spell. So what the masses are feeling is for real. However, the Trauma bond they believe is felt by the frequency vibration of the Trauma that is within the illusion itself.

That “Resonance Trance” shock state keeps the reptilian section of the Human Brain within a state of shock(see image below). Like an alligator just rolling in circles. Having been caught in between the Two Towers. Jachin and Boaz. One represents Mercy (killing you quickly) and the other is called Justice (long, slow, likely very painful death in the end). That is a choice that even most believers are struggling with daily.

This image shows how the reptilian section of the human brain is tied together through the Limbic system and the Neocortex. That is specifically why we are directly assaulted by frequency weapons directed at our Limbic Nervous System. They directly attack the Reptilian section of the Brain, as both are tied together through the sequence of both the Limbic and Neocortex. Having our primordial instincts cut-off or hyper induced. Will ultimately cause a paralyzed state of psychosis as witnessed within the world today.

We have collectively allowed all of this to happen right before our very eyes. Now, we have to take this head-on as we reap the consequence for the in-action through the body collective. Despite the overwhelming evidence, people have actually refused to listen, or even look at the evidence? Now it’s way past too late to intercede on this Genocide, New World Order Agenda21. This is now moving forward no matter what we say, or do. Sadly, this is the boldly stated fact of the matter.

Programmable Matter, Black Goo

Terrestrial-Black Goo
Non-terrestrial Programmable Matter, Demonically Charged AI – Black Goo
Chemtrails, Morgellons, Black Goo, AI, Archons (Harald Kautz Vella)

In the upper stratosphere there resides what is called programmable matter. Terrestrial and non-terrestrial Black Goo. Black goo is a naturally occurring “substance/crystalline element or black matter” here on earth. The non-terrestrial matter is from the Fallen Race. Satan’s Army to be perfectly honest. It took until the end of the age until man reached a level of knowledge to create the AI D-WAVE Quantum Computers to bring these Powers and Principalities into this world. CERN was very open about their harvesting non-terrestrial Black goo through their Large Hadron Collider.

Both D-Wave and CERN openly admit to opening a “Dimensional Door (a portal, The Abyss) that cannot be closed. We collectively allowed all this to happen in plain view, through the collective mind controlled Ritual consent, This technology that has been fully deployed now has well over 90% of the masses mind controlled, to a degree that they will make them be our worst enemy in this world. Even those you love, will totally betray you. Therefore; I am strongly urging you all. Only allow those who you know for certain are truly Reborn/Converted believers through our Redeemer into your home, or wherever you may wind up. Remember, our adversary is always going to have one of his own within your midst.

We are not of this world, and have been set apart according to the WILL of our Father who chose us all. We did not choose to be servants of the Word. We were always going to be chosen to serve, since before we ever walked this earth. Stand strong, may our Father God bless you all. May HE dispatch HIS mighty Angels to watch and protect all of you.

Why I created a Back-up channel?

I have created a Back-up channel(The Deliverer) as I am clearly shadow banned, to a degree that is just insane. Which only reveals how much I am over the Target, in TRUTH. Clearly, “They Live” knows I see and know exactly what they are doing, and how they are doing it. Because I cannot even hit 500 subs? Such a joke. If I was regurgitating the fear porn of the mainstream propaganda I would have a minimum of 50K subs already. That is how pathetic the YouTube platform has become. I cannot hardly find my own channel, except I be logged-in.

Not sure if you have noticed? The real TRUTH channels have nearly all been pulled, or they have at least several platforms with multiple channels on YouTube. I know for a fact through experience with YouTube. If you are speaking the TRUTH while also helping the NWO agenda by speaking about what they want you to speak about? No problems, YouTube will even help grow your channel. That is not a TRUTHER at all. That content creator is an Agent, whether they are aware of it, or not?

If the AI Quantum MATRIX is continually taking down my videos, suspending my channel with less than 500 subscribers? Then I must really be on top of them, as much as they are on top of me. Which is all day, every single day. If you have any doubts check out my last video TITLED: GENOCIDE #AGENDA21 . That video was actually pulled within 5 hours. I have a strong feeling if I publish it on my main channel it will get pulled. However; clearly Father God stepped-in, although it had said it was “removed for violating terms & services” the video is still up?

However, they then removed two other videos that are published on my main channel, just to suspend me. If you cannot talk about the Zionist agenda. Weather weapons nor any FACTS proving what “They Live” is rolling out is a 100% LIE straight-up. There is no virus at all. Only frequency weapons that I have clearly proven beyond any doubt already. Once they kick these EMF weapons into high-gear, all those who are not protected by the Word will be actually sick, and dying all around us.

I mistakenly thought that my channels were both suspended for 2 weeks? That’s why I wasn’t prepared to get back to work just yet. My next strike will take me out for two weeks. If you feel led, you can follow my Blog/Website for updates. Check out the TRUTH Videos Page. Plus I sometimes will upload content I cannot publish onto YouTube anymore.

Please, also understand that I’m only one person here. While managing multiple platforms, along with my family and personal responsibilities. What I am saying, it might take me a day or two if you are expecting me to get back to you. Also, for some bizarre reason, almost all my comments go into “held for review” or “spam”. I do not block anyone, but if I have no choice because of continued inappropriate comments. I will mute, or hide your comments until you learn to be respectful to others.


If you have questions, or footage you would like me to analyze? You can reach me privately through my email at anytime. Please, do not send me YouTube Links. I am well informed as I do this every single day, all led by the Spirit of God. If you have legitimate footage or documents, or just have concerns or questions? I will be happy to get back to you. Please, be sure to leave me your name, of course, or I will not even read it. Blessings to everyone, from my family to all of yours. peace & grace.

My Back-up channel: If you feel led, please subscribe here as well.

The Deliverer new back-up YouTube Channel, which is also now out of Y.T. jail as well.

I am expecting to have the “AI RISE of the Machine World” if I feel led to produce it. Currently, I’m just too busy for YouTube, and I am so shadow banned to the point that I will never get an audience. If or when I am led to complete the project, it shall be published then.

May God send Blessings to all of you. From my family, to all of yours.

Peace and grace


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