Transhuman 2.0, Quantum Reality for the New World Order. “Project Blue Beam” is in full effect, but not what we all thought it would be.

As above, so below. The turmoil in the “Aether” above is going to manifest to the Earth below. As they have already told the world what is really happening. Even still, nearly all refuse to see, nor believe it. This is the grand delusion sent by God the Father. This is the End of the Age and the great apocalypse of our time.

Plasma/energy transfer to the AI massive ships. All these ships, including the moon AI simulator clandestine craft, were all within the earth’s atmosphere. Could not have been above 25-30Kft’ altitude.
11.4.2020 02:48(est) (just prior to the witching hour. Northern CT. (USA)
We can see the AI craft is beneath both the cloud deck, and the “DEATH STAR” designed AI Monster. The Death Star designed, very dark craft is at 2 o’clock, directly above the perceived moon. As the Lunar Sim passes the “DEATH STAR” craft. The clouds whirlwind, then expose the massive AI Craft.
DEATH STAR” design AI Craft, perhaps interdimensional. There were dozens of these massive craft all over the sky when I went out to record just before 3am. on 11.4.2020
What an incredible spectacle this night was. Quite overwhelming to be very honest. I was in a state of Spiritual shock for several days, while processing what I witnessed, and experienced.
Massive Winged creatures are flying freely throughout the “Aether”. Every night they are out, I can even hear them.

Regarding what we are witnessing, and how this is what would be labeled “Project Blue Beam“. As with everything else, we are inverted. We assumed “Project Blue Beam” was going to be Holographic projections of a false alien invasion, false coming of the King of Kings, including many other theories.

When in TRUTH, they turned our world into an “AI Quantum Control Grid Matrix” through “D-Wave Quantum Computing”. Of course, we cannot leave CERN out of all this. CERN too played a major role in weaponizing this AI technology by harvesting “non-terrestrial programmable matter” (Black Goo). This is the hidden world through AI technology.

Clearly, this AI Quantum Reality was designed to grossly alter what we now perceive in this world through our deceiving eyes. The world we see, and most everyone believes, is now an intermingled “AI Quantum Reality” for the “New world Order.” Yes, this AI broadcast frequency is definitely sentient (self-aware).

TRANSHUMAN 2.0 Dr. Carrie Madej (“MODERNA“) Luciferase, Hydrogel, Eugenics

What has been proven through the Watchman investigation since early 2019? Only by way of the Spirit of God has this been done. This is only a very small piece of what has been revealed to me over past 21 months.

There is a very noticeable energy arc coming off of this technology. We can clearly see the well defined edges here in this image. Along with a very dark matter entity flying towards the AI lunar craft.
Lunar Simulator. We can see the Holographic Projection clearly here. Just as the lens flare revealed the Cathode-ray tube on the Solar Simulator. As does this lens flare reveal the lens array Holographic projection from behind the simulated moon.
Lunar Simulator. AI Craft as well as used primarily for energy/plasma transfer to the countless other AI craft. Exactly as the image above. This technology has 6 sides.

Lunar Simulator Patent: (One of many)

Google Patents: Lunar Sim & Reduced Gravity patents

I have done several testimony videos with my wife as a witness. I even did a video explaining my gifts, including how a few years back I could hear a sentient broadcast frequency that would begin right on cue, night after night, just before the witching hour.

Have also been allowed to prove this nanotechnology through the Spirit of God beyond any doubt. Nanotechnology has multiple uses, one of which is the metal particulates such as aluminum, barium etc. via the chemtrail program. The nanometals are used as a conduit for directed E.M.F pulse radiation assault on civilians, as they have done to me directly. I have proven this many times within my videos published on YouTube.

These nanometals are far too small to see with the naked eye. Was also able to prove how these metals, which include multiple nanotechnologies, are floating everywhere and every night. With my AI cam while using a Tac Light, I have proven the air is filled with these nanoparticles. Herald Kautz Vella did this by using infrared light back in 2014 during the “Bases Project” lectures. He had stated in 2014-2016 that the population was 100% infected with this smart nanotechnology. We have both now proven that the smart-dust nanotechnology has infected the entire population. (video from 11/2016. H. K. Vella, Lecture date was Jul 15, 2015. Published by Miles Johnson)

We are now all infected with nanotechnology that is used for the AI Quantum Matrix, to continually feed real-time biological and brain frequency data to these fully sentient AI machines. Quantum Computers are now making the decisions here, not man.

Basically, our adversary the devil has taken full power over the earth by weaponizing these powers into an actual technology to infect the human host. However, the full takeover cannot be complete until the carnal Mark of the beast. This coming nanomedicine mRNA vaccine, on top of another vaccine, will turn your vessel into an AI controlled slave to the Beast system. Their goal is to make us all into AI trans-human slaves. Specifically, our adversary wants nothing more than to take our eternal Soul into perdition for all eternity.

For me personally, it is obvious that the world is caught within a biological Quantum AI Matrix for the New World Order. However, now they need to inject everyone on the earth with this mRNA nanotechnology to create the “Hive Mind”. Why? This is simply because that is what the Devil in the flesh, called the Antichrist, requires for his omnipresence here on earth: to be like our Father God. When you are presented with this choice, you will know. Refer to Revelation13:9-19.

If you cannot partake in the economy, buy nor sell. Then that should be a strong indication with regards to what choice you must make. Is this vaccine the physical manifestation of the mark of the beast? Not sure yet. If not, I know for certain this nanomedicine mRNA vaccine is a huge stepping stone that will lead to the carnal mark of the Beast. Might even cut-off your personal connection to the Spirit of God. These are personal issues we all must pray upon. If you are in TRUTH, the Spirit will surely guide you in all your ways.

My best advice is to pray with all your strength. Be humble before the Word. Pray daily to be delivered from all that is falling upon the World. Will talk more about this in my upcoming videos to YouTube. Be strong and have no fear. We were all chosen for the time of the Harvest.

We are within what would be labeled Project Blue Beam.

All my footage is 100% for real. (Full Playlist)

Infrared Holographic cloaking technology has been used for at least the past two decades. This technology is required to grossly manipulate the world we can perceive through our eyes. Even those with 20/20 vision can perceive at most .7% (less than 1%) of the world we reside within through our eyes. This can only be received through our first eye which is the pineal gland. Yes, even our biological make-up has been inverted.

One of the most critical glands in the human brain is the pineal gland. They have even convinced nearly everyone on earth our first eye is evil, or dangerous in some way. Without the pineal gland, a human would have no will-power, an unregulated Limbic nervous system. Without the pineal gland we would have little if any serotonin uptake or melatonin, both of which are needed for restorative sleep (REM sleep).

A human would not have the ability for Spiritual discernment, intuition, or any such senses that we have been programmed to believe were unnatural. Our sixth sense is also our first. Not until we recognize the true nature and Spiritual power of our divine senses, can a human vessel achieve a true state of Spiritual ascended multi-dimensional consciousness, or comprehension of the eternal Spiritual realms.

Our inverted reality is an intermingled “Technological MATRIX of AI.” These sentient vibrations have been weaponized, by manifesting powers and principalities into our world. The nanotechnology is charged with programmed triggers, including automatic responses that seem totally natural to the individual. However, through extended observations of the people, it is clear to me they behave very much like a program, or an operating system. Imagine an advanced video game that requires you to talk with certain programmed characters. They are there to help you or maybe hurt you depending on how they are approached. These programmed characters will give you information when you ask the right questions or make the proper statements that resonate with the sentient AI program. (think amazon Alexa)

However, when you ask the wrong questions you get a programmed response, or you lose them completely as they walk away from the conversation. That is a clear indication of the nanotechnology control over a human host vessel. By way of actual demonic powers, charged within the nanotechnology that is all controlled by the AI Quantum Computers.

Although the individuals themselves have no idea that the programmed triggers are actual molecular nanotechnologies that are running in the background, firing specific signals within the human brain to respond or behave in a particular way when this technology within the brain is triggered. All of this feels as though the individual is responding according to their own thoughts. The Beast system is already taking control through transhumanism via the chemtrails/geoengineering.

This AI molecular sized technology is already a part of all of us. D-Wave Quantum Computing is continually fed real-time biological, as well as personal data that is to be used against us under the seven Noahide Laws within the New World Order.

Full Playlist, before I realized what finally came full circle. The cloaking technology and various celestial simulators are what we would consider Project Blue beam. It is the greatest Hoax, hands down.
Full Playlist. Cloaking Technology Documented with Infrared Holographic lasers identified.
Full Playlist: The Night’s Watch full playlist. 2019 Watchman investigation

Have been having a very strong feeling, that the reason Father God has allowed me to be shut-down completely, is because I am about finished with all that HE has required, according to HIS WILL thus far. I already know this through several confirmations. I likely just have to wait to be led by the Spirit, to see if I am to continue on. I’ve already revealed what is happening. The fifth Angel has sounded. Now, the Revevlation:9 Locusts are unleashed, and the locusts will not be loosed into the physical earth plane, until the Angel with the Seal of God ascends in Rev:7:2: to seal the Servants upon their foreheads. That’s only going to be the 144,000 Tribulation Saints.

LOCUSTS UNLEASHED, JUNE 22,2019. Just prior to the witching hour. At about 02:48am(est). Within a few days after this over 6 minute video capture. “They Live” actually blew-up my phone, with a directed energy beam. The phone literally made a “POP” sound, while I was recording a supernatural happening. This clip was the “only” file I transferred to my server. This is also the only clip that was not lost when they burned out my previous server with, you guessed it! By of course, a directed energy beam. Have had to get 2 new phones & a new computer. Plus they burned out my cordless tools 24V & 60V batteries, in less than 18 months.

I’ll be back when I am led by the Spirit of TRUTH. First off, I am now only causing more problems through harassments here at home. I am so tired of this topic, and the mind controlled nonsense via the AI nanotechnology through AI Quantum Computing. Everything has been revealed to me by the Spirit of TRUTH, concerning what is happening in this AI controlled Quantum Reality, for the New World Order. If I do feel led, I will certainly come back. It will only be under instruction by the Word. I pray it will be to finally drop tremendous blessed knowledge concerning “The Kingdom.” Including all things related to this very topic. Plus so much more. All Glory to God.

In relation to the world population, there are so few who fully grasp what is happening here. So few in fact, that it might as well be the entire population of the earth has been deceived by our adversary the Devil. Now closing in on two years solid of being consumed by this one topic alone. Praise God, I have finally been able to resolve what is happening, how they are doing it, as well as how it has affected the masses up to this point. I can assure everyone. It is going to be so much worse once the masses become “ONE” with these AI Quantum Computers through the coming vaccines. Yes, plural. The first shot of the vaccine may seem harmless, or it might even be the Funvax to cut-off our personal connection to the Spirit of God.

The second shot would then be the AI nanomedicine, as described by the Moderna latest patent. Of course, I am only speculating at this time. But for some strange reason, all that has been revealed to me through countless hours of research as led by the Spirit. This does appear at this time to be a strong possibility. However, I’m only giving you all my feelings, based on the current available information.

They’ve Killed God say’s vaccine TEST subject.

Praise God, despite the overwhelming burden. This topic has been resolved much sooner than I ever could have anticipated. All glory to God the Father. I never could have resolved this without being led “daily” by HIS Spirit of TRUTH.

Please, also subscribe to my back-up channel (The Deliverer). In the event I get suspended on “The Ancient of Days” channel before I publish my next project. I would then publish the video to my other channel. Might publish a short video on “The Deliverer” channel later today as well.

“They Live” have shut me down to the point neither of my channels can be found through YouTube, or any search engine. At least on my end I cannot find any of my work, at all. This is just unreal what is going on here. If it’s happening to me, it’s also happening to others that are directly over the target in TRUTH. Be strong and stay favored in the Word made manifest, Christ our Redeemer.

Sociology Student Gang Stalked 4 Truth, Says A I Was Behind It (This is all TRUE)

Peace and grace



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