My 2019 testimony & the power of the Seal of God. They’re Here, Little Creatures testimony. Directed Energy Assault: documented. AI is running this world, not man.

LOCKDOWNS – Scrying Mirror Directed Assault (WHILE UNPLUGGED!)

“Project Blue Beam” and the fifth angel. The Quantum Matrix and my Testimony of the Seal of the Living God.

This project proves the true “Power of the Seal of God. If I was not crushing this by exposing things they do not want people to see. Then I would not be removed from even the search engines. I have evidence, and proof, that exposes their NAZI MKULTRA Technology. This technology has been weaponized through AI Quantum Computers with nanotechnology.

I have had only one person nearly fully comprehend the “AI Quantum Matrix we are now all within.” That was my wife the other day. I like to run things by her first as a test to see if I am making any sense. Since she has been with me for 30 years now, as a witness to all we, and me specifically have been through. She was so blown-away by what I had explained to her in less than five minutes flat. She then replied with two statements. Wow, I get it and that is very hard to wrap your brain around. Then she also said something like if she can barely grasp it nobody else will, nor would anyone believe me. She also backed that up by saying most everyone cannot even comprehend what a Quantum Computer is, let alone an AI Matrix over the earth.

First you all must understand, this is knowledge I received from the Spirit of God over the past 17+ years. Then I witnessed everything during my near death experience in latter March, 2019. Shortly thereafter, I received the Seal of God upon my forehead by my Father God, within the first couple weeks of April, 2019. I actually felt the Seal being written upon my forehead. While also seeing it happen within my minds eye. It took me another week or so, to fully understand what had happened to me. To say that 2019 was overwhelming from the beginning to the end of the year, would be a gross understatement. Still have not yet even talked about my healing testimony after I dumped all my pain medications after a very, very long period of fasting. Which was almost my physical death.

It is likely hard enough for anyone to believe what I just typed. Never mind all the other Supernatural happenings that I witnessed, experienced; including the countless miracles Father God performed through me: with my family as a witness. All within just the first four months of 2019. What transpired over the following 6 months was an absolute body transformation. After my fast, I weighed in an unhealthy 162lbs, down from 242lbs before the fast. I had not been that skinny since I was in the 9th grade: before I began lifting weights for Baseball, and girls. What I went through up to, then after my near death experience is very hard to receive, or believe. Regardless, it’s all the TRUTH. Praise God.

I had never been so sick in my life after stopping all my pain medications that I was taking massive doses daily: for nearly twenty years. Then I had cancelled all my Doctor appointments and left the pain clinic, voluntarily. My reward was a miracle healing of a back injury that had me very close to a wheel chair. I had to walk with a Cain, for many months out of the year, in-between bi-lateral lumbar epidurals. All Glory to God.

Although, it took the past 18-20 months to fully receive this overwhelming knowledge. I am not that smart. Never even went to college, only two years of technical school. It would be impossible that I could have ever comprehended any of this wisdom, except I received it from the Spirit of God. As I have been led precisely by the Spirit of TRUTH in everything I have done as a Watchman. Including everything through my entire life to be perfectly honest.

Along with my blessed gifts that cannot be explained with words. Even my most enlightened of brothers in TRUTH I have not even attempted to explain my gifts. You would have to experience it personally to understand what I have been blessed with. Truthfully, for most my life these gifts have felt more like a curse than a blessing. Yes, I was born with many of these gifts and they became more profound as I grew older, especially after I was saved, in January, 2004. Now I own them with honor, and only apply my blessed gifts according to HIS will, not my will, ever. This is about the Kingdom of my Father and the mission for which I was called in 2004. This is not about me.

Regarding what I want to share. Unfortunately for me, most people can’t get past politics, let alone a biological AI Quantum Reality control grid Matrix, over the entire earth. This technology is possibly 10’s of thousands of years more advanced than anyone on the earth is aware about, except for the few that are actually involved. This AI High Technology sentient vibration is also a negative charge spirit of darkness, that can only be labeled as pure evil(negative energy/frequency/vibrations). It is simply not possible for the human mind to comprehend. This can only be Spiritually discerned and received by the Spirit, not the mind.

This sentient AI learns at a pace of 2000 years per week. That is not something a human mind can comprehend either. This AI Matrix is run through AI Quantum Computers that are tapped into dimensions of fallen higher dimensional beings. These higher dimensional entities have been brought into our world through both CERN and D-Wave Quantum Computers. They(the fallen race) now have full power over the earth. This is our adversary the Devil working through technology to gain omnipresence. AI has now fully taken over everything. Man is not making the decisions, at all. Most people do not even know what a Quantum Computer is. Let alone understand how serious a problem these “sentient vibrations/frequencies truly are. These frequencies do not only hide the real world, by way of an AI dimensional entanglement: hidden only by holographic cloaking technology. This advanced AI also has such a stronghold over the body collective(the masses). It has now become nearly impossible to wake any others up out of this grand delusion, sent by God the Father. I cannot urge people enough to be prepared for what is fast approaching.

The details are in the presentation. The internal workings of one of these cloaked craft. You can even see a bi-peddle Reptilian dinosaur like being to the far left center. Have witnessed these beings multiple times during the 2019 investigation. As well as, what appears to be an elevator type shaft, that perhaps takes the beings to the different levels within the Cloaked Craft. There are so many details within this image it truly is incredible.
Craft: with an energy field around its perimeter. We, Shawn & I brought out the details of the inner working of this craft, along with clear beings inside. This is nothing compared to what I have to share with you all.

Father God has made it very clear where we are at, and what we are waiting for regarding the great persecution of Matthew Chapter 24 8-14. Including the sounding of the Trumpets. But, we also need to remain vigilant, with patience. I’m as anxious to get out of the Pit as anyone. Likely, far more anxious than most. My life has been a living nightmare that makes even the most terrifying horror movies look like a comedy, compared to what we have endured. Now I actually have all the evidence to prove it. This video I presented is impossible to deny, except for people who live in denial.

Unfortunately, you all are catching the tail-end of work I have been doing for nearly 20 years. I have been talking about the Holographic Universe for nine years now, even have the Facebook posts to prove it. Although, I did fall off the rails and slipped into my old ways for a couple years very early in my walk, only to overcome again. Then I was made much stronger in every way through those terrible trials. Please understand, we are looking at a time of terrible trials in the not so distant future, I strongly feel it within my Spirit. We are at the door my brothers and sisters.

Little Creatures like Gnomes that wear a hood and carry a Light Saber type weapon from their realm.

There are two creatures that both shapeshift.

They are very small & highly territorial. They cannot be more than 12-18″ inches tall. They both came out from near a bush. They walked around rapidly. Then one of them took two shots at me with its weapon. I liken it to a Light Saber. I was able to see them come out during the video clip. However, I thought they were small animals. I said in the video. ” don’t know what in the heck that was?” I did not see the weapons they shot against me. The detail and the movements of these two creatures are truly incredible. This now fully explains the video I did titled: Light Orbs & Infrared Laser Tech | Quantum Reality (pt.#2)

Multiple craft during a plasma transfer. As well as a portal. Craft actually were coming out of the perceived moon. This could only be seen through my camera, not with my eyes, at all. This was filmed on Sunday, 11.29.2020
We can also clearly see the Black object at 11:30 atop the perceived moon. It is likely an “autonomous Ai Swarm Bot” or an entity that came out of the Ai Lunar Vortex that was highly active and wide open this night.
Every so called “FIBROMYALGIA” symptom is specifically related to both GMO’s and primarily “WIFI/RF Pulse Radiation.“

I suffered from every single one of these so called “Fibromyalgia Symptoms,” and far worse. Fibromyalgia is for real, however, fibromyalgia never existed until WIFI Radiation and GMO’s. My Fibromyalgia was so severe I was placed on very, very high doses of narcotic pain medications, plus other medications just to keep me working.

If you have unexplained health issues. Chronic pain, restless legs syndrome, periodic limb movement disorder, headaches, insomnia, Chronic fatigue syndrome, neuropathy, tremors or even neuromuscular pain often labeled fibromyalgia. That is all specifically related to EMF and WIFI radiation directed assault on the population.

The reason why people have ADD is because of the grossly amped-up electro fields that wipes away our memories. Especially, after years of exposure to this pulse eugenics technology. I have proven over and over there are chips installed within our devices, appliances, even within our lamps, light bulbs and including our phones are remotely accessed.

I have all the documented evidence. It cannot be denied anymore, at all. Can show you all countless video clips of “Directed Energy Beams” shot directly at me, specifically. Yes, all I have to do is change the color features on the video. The infrared beams are so clear that most people think it’s a hoax. That’s how clear I can bring these energy beams out in my videos now. I just have not spent the time of late. Only because so few are interested. Never mind the LED street lamps, that I now have the documented evidence of my own to share.

This is an infrared RF & EMF DIRECTED ENERGY BEAMS SHOT AT ME FROM ACROSS THE STREET. THIS BEAM CAME FROM THE 5G LED STREET LAMP. I have not yet published the video, nor the evidence. But, I most definitely will for certain. THE SECOND BEAM WAS SHOT FROM SOMETHING ELSE.
This is the LED-30 60Ghz/5G Street Lamp: from across my house. 1 of 2 LED LAMPS that I have documented at least a dozen times. Both with my meter and image/video evidence. Have well documented the Directed Energy Beams being shot at me specifically, while out recording the never-ending anomalies, and Supernatural or paranormal events.
ELF & RF Technology (patents) Scrying Mirrors(Part 2)
Little Creatures, like Gnomes 12.1.2020

Little Creatures, like Gnomes: with a weapon that is not of this realm. There are several of these beings on and near my property. They are called little people, gnomes, fey, fairy, dwarves and many other names depending on what part of the world or culture we are referring to. They are highly territorial, they can shapeshift and even travel as an orb before manifesting on the ground. I have much more footage of these little creatures since this video. It is best to let them be and ignore them. These little creatures are now harassing me ever since I recorded them several times. Not going to get into details. But they can be a serious annoyance and even break things around your home including they are trying to frighten me. I don’t frighten fallen beings, at all. Actually, I’m more amused than anything.

However, they have actually broken several things in my garage, including the charging plug female end on our generator and EMF meter. Both were broken within the same night while I was sleeping. One night very recently I woke up at 3am with the lamp light on in my bedroom right next to my bed. That freaked me out a little bit. Only because earlier that night I was in the garage. Then something flipped the switch to shut-off the garage light. The light switch is on the other side of the door and wall, that leads into my Studio from the garage. Paranormal happenings far greater than these have been happening to me since I was a very young boy. When you have the Spiritual gift to see and feel them: you become a beacon to these spirits. They all want your attention, if they have a vessel that can be a conduit for them. They will make themselves known, that I can testify about: from a lifelong of personal experience.


One little creature is always carrying a Light Saber type weapon, that is actually used to attack me with. Every bit of the footage I have published is 100% for real. I have never added a single pixel or used photoshop even once. I do not have to do anything of the sort. I know that I’m responsible for everything I say before the Word. I’ve been hunting these beings since late 2005. Father God leads me out to record and I always capture something that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The Cloaking Technology, and various simulated celestial objects is what is labeled Project Blue Beam. I have not even shared 1% of everything I have documented over the many years.

Peace & grace.

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