(My T.I. Testimony) 3rd Temple within the Human Host. EMF frequency AI Eugenics is their depopulation agenda. What happened to my wife? Directed Energy Symptoms labeled as Pain Syndromes, The Luciferase Quantum Dot.(322)

https://youtu.be/kwAOr7yM-NE EUGENICS, EMF RADIATION- They Are Underground They shall receive their reward for what they have done to my wife, and countless others. I'm not a betting man, but I would have to say that every single day people are diagnosed with Tumors they just write off as happenstance. Well, this was no random thing,... Continue Reading →

Shady Makeshift Quarantine style Camps in Washington State. This is about to get started. Be prepared. The Dark winter is coming quickly. Pray to be Delivered

This is one of the erected TENTS that is guarded by security guards and fenced around the perimeter. Complete with Chemical Drums. This is a large piece of land that is designated specifically for something that does not look good. Apparently these are being erected very fast. Not to mention Canada is building internment camps... Continue Reading →

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