Shady Makeshift Quarantine style Camps in Washington State. This is about to get started. Be prepared. The Dark winter is coming quickly. Pray to be Delivered

This is one of the erected TENTS that is guarded by security guards and fenced around the perimeter.
Complete with Chemical Drums. This is a large piece of land that is designated specifically for something that does not look good. Apparently these are being erected very fast. Not to mention Canada is building internment camps across the Country.

The Deliverer YouTube The Ancient of Days

During the G.W. Bush Jr. Administration, Dick Chaney’s company Halliburton was responsible for building nearly 1000 FEMA INTERNMENT CAMPS across the USA. That is not including all these new camps going up very quickly. Halliburton manufactured the large casket liners that have been documented on the roads once again. Now they have liners that hold 50+ bodies. Something is fast approaching as we head into this dark winter, that even Dr. Fauci spoke about, just the other day. They can’t stop talking about the coming dark winter. Which also refers to something far more sinister. If people cannot see what is happening by now; as I have been saying for some time, they are caught within a Kabballah Spell of Trance. Then there is no more people that are going to wake. Not until something terrible truly begins to happen.

It’s because the masses are under this grand delusion sent by God the Father. They’re under this spell so deep they can’t even see what is happening all around them. Despite the abundance of evidence that even the mainstream media has not even denied. The Covid-19 casualties were nearly entirely falsified. At best they withheld most of the information regarding how most (94%) had several serious underlying medical pre-conditions or were already terminally ill in hospice. The patients were not allowed any visitors. Just because someone who is wearing a white coat says they died from a magical disease, conjured at EVENT 201 on October 18, 2019: does not make it true. Suddenly, five months later we are in a lockdown that destroyed the world economy. Lockdowns began in the USA in March of 2020. Then the World Economic Forum decided it was the perfect time for a World Economic Reset. This is so transparent to me that I am still blown-away that anyone is buying any of this.

Building 1 and Building 2

Father God has sent strong delusion on all who love the lie, and despise the TRUTH. Time to be extra cautious around the sheeple. As I have tried to warn everyone countless times. They will become our greatest enemies in this world. Why? Because they did not listen. They are not prepared and will be lining up for the Mark of the Beast: turning in all who know the TRUTH. They will use the sheeple to help the NWO work through military Operation Warp Speed. Once they become “one” with the AI Quantum Computers. These lost souls will be under full control, as a slave to the Beast. Actually, they will be hunting the children of light. This will also be “World War Z(ombie) on steroids.”


Be sure to subscribe to both channels. Once the Ancient of Days is off suspension. I am going to try my best to explain the AI Quantum Matrix. As long as they do not terminate my channel beforehand. If it is received, that will be awesome. However; very few will comprehend the wisdom I will share that I received over my entire calling. Then about a month after my near death experience, I had actually attempted to explain everything that was revealed to me by the Spirit of God to my wife. Had even hand drawn all the dimensions, the heavens, HELL, all of it. I had done a presentation while sitting at our dining room table. Was even using my blessed gifts from God to try to explain what I had yet to fully comprehend myself. Well, I now fully comprehend everything I witnessed and more. The difficult part is going to be explaining this AI matrix control grid that has control over the earth. This technology is thousands of years more advanced than anyone is aware about.

Much of what I had witnessed back in March and April, of 2019. I thought were various lateral and parallel dimensions. In TRUTH, what I had witnessed was actually AI weaponized terrestrial and non-terrestrial programable matter. Known today as Black goo. That is the AI sentient matter that now has complete control over the whole earth: through AI Quantum Computing. Along with decades of ingesting nanotechnology through the chemtrail program. This was always the end-game at the end of the earth age. For our adversary the Devil, to gain omnipresence here on earth. Not until the implementation of the carnal Mark of the Beast will Satan have his true “synthetic” technological omnipresence: attempting to mimic the incomprehensible power of our Father God.


Currently, the Devil has limited omnipresence here on earth. Unless we partake in the Beast System, take the vaccines and whatever else they have in store. Likely a microchip too will be implemented. Although I have not heard anything about the RFID chip in some time. But, they did pull the video of the man who made the RFID chip: which he said was the physical Mark of the Beast. All believers they intend to eliminate under the seven Noahide Laws. The time is now to remember, members of your own household or extended family will be your worst enemy. They will call you delusional or spread lies about you, as our adversary attacks the children of light through the lukewarm, and nonbelievers. I should know, because that has been my own personal experience.

The only people that are delusional are the one’s pretending there is a deadly virus. If there was a pandemic? Why would they have had to falsify most of the reported Covid-19 deaths? If there were a pandemic, they would not have to pay hospitals up to $30K to write “Covid-19” as the cause of death for heart attacks, strokes, suicides and car accident victims. More likely, they were murdered with frequency weapons. I now have the proof that “they live” are broadcasting EMF/ELF frequencies from above, every night now. That causes our immune system to get weak with swollen glands. Then we will come down with a cold or flu that will absolutely be labeled as C-19. I have told everyone this was going to happen since this HOAX began. Let us not forget. It was Trump who handed the Country over to FEMA on Friday the 13th back in March, 2020-(322).

It was TRUMP who is 100% behind Operation Warp speed. Never mind Trump will likely get the Civil WAR and World War started as the blind MAGA supporters are still believing there was a rigged (s)election. Really, a rigged (s)election? That’s laughable, considering every US President has been selected since the inception of this Country. This is all staged my friends. There is no way a real TRUTH channel would still be talking about politics as an actual issue: outside of how politics is used strictly for divisional purposes only. Trump is not out of office yet, and he has a major role to play in this script we are watching play-out on the world stage. Whether Trump or Biden hold office. This agenda is still moving forward. This has nothing to do with politics.

Things are really getting started now. This will be the darkest winter, as I have stated countless times over. Be strong and have no fear. Our Kingdom is not of this World. We shall be delivered, keep the Faith. God Bless

peace and grace.

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