(My T.I. Testimony) 3rd Temple within the Human Host. EMF frequency AI Eugenics is their depopulation agenda. What happened to my wife? Directed Energy Symptoms labeled as Pain Syndromes, The Luciferase Quantum Dot.(322)


They shall receive their reward for what they have done to my wife, and countless others. I’m not a betting man, but I would have to say that every single day people are diagnosed with Tumors they just write off as happenstance. Well, this was no random thing, at all. Just so happens that a very healthy 45 year old woman develops a rare tumor behind her right eye and behind her right nasal cavity. I can see through this even without my glasses on.

Exactly where she laid her head at night to sleep. Night after night for years getting blasted with EMF radiation into her face. That is not only a crime against humanity. This requires full restitution and then some for all the pain and suffering. I am now in the process of seeking a lawyer to take my case. This one is going into the Lawsuit along with the microchip evidence, the EMF meter evidence, all of it will be included with expert witness testimony, regarding the illegal millimeter wave 60ghz microchips that are installed in nearly everything we own or owned. We removed all the LED devices already, but we kept them for testing for a time such as this. I will never stop fighting this case as long as their is life in this body. They will be held to account in this world or the world to come. Either way, I intend to make their lives HELL until they go to HELL forever and ever. As long as I am still breathing I will never stop fighting. Be strong, we are only getting warmed up.


The 3rd Temple within the Human Host. Skull & Bones Esoteric (322) #22 Represents the 22 Base Pairs of DNA of 22 Base Pairs within each Strand. (322) represents 3 Strands of 22 Base Pairs within the Human Host. The Hydrogel Patch was designed after the fangs of a viper to deliver its nanomedicine(“molecular sized RF nanotechnologies”) which contains the Luciferase Quantum Dot. That is your “badge of servitude” injected through a “palisade” that will leave a “scratch, etched or mark.

From the same as G5482: “a scratch or etching”, “that is, stamp” (as a badge of servitude), or sculptured figure (statue): – “graven, mark”.SAME AS MarkG5482χάραξcharaxkhar’-axFrom “charasso” (“to sharpen to a point;” akin to G1125 “through the idea of scratching”);” a stake”, that is, (by implication) “a palisade or rampart” (millitary mound for circumvallation in a siege): –

Of course I will also leave a short clip on The Ancient of Days with the link. I will not get into details. However I still wear a Faraday Hoodie and sit with a Faraday Blanket to let my Host Body vessel receive some true peace without the constant bombardment of the WIFI radiation and RF pulse technology.

The Mark of the Beast,

It all will start with the vaccination that includes what is called a “green pass” to show you have received the mRNA nanomedicine Covid-19 vaccine. This is all social engineering and one stepping stone to the next until the individual has received the true carnal “Mark of the Beast.”

My work proves out in itself, from the first video when I just began trying to resolve what I had experienced. To the last videos that will prove everything I had said was the TRUTH, long before I ever had the evidence, nor the research work to prove anything.

RF Pulse Technology with Patents.

My Targeted Individual testimony

Turns out the only real injury I ever truly had was a severe back injury. Along with a mild right frontal lobe brain injury, from an accident in the late 1990’s. I suffer from some short term memory issues. Which they have labeled me with ADD. It was the Directed Energy Assault which created my unbearable neuromuscular pain condition. That also led to the physical decay of my body through bone and muscle atrophy over nearly 20 years. Along with headaches that were so severe, I was literally in bed for several days out of the month. I could not eat for several days at a time. This went on for about 5-8 years straight. Until I was in the state of “learned helplessness.” A mind control state of surrendering to your situation and becoming a person just waiting to die. That basically is what “learned helplessness” actually is.

Then they just tortured me 24/7 with impunity which is always their goal. Get the targeted subject isolated to the point they no longer want to live. Their ultimate end-goal is to get the Target to commit suicide or perform a horrific crime. Even getting the target committed to a psych institution is a goal they are happy to work with. Once this AI program has you isolated and labeled as insane. They can then torture you to death, still nobody would believe you. They tried to get me labeled with something, but they failed miserably. I had two separate psych evaluations, along with countless other brutal psychological testing and sleep studies(plural).

Ultimately I was labeled with “mild sleep apnea, insomnia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.” Honestly, I did not need any testing to receive such labels from the doctors. We already knew that I suffered from all three “labels” long before I was ever tested. Back when I was a child, kids were not labeled with ADHD. They were called bad students, lazy or unable to sit still during class. I always has ADHD, since I was a very young boy.

What happened to my wife? We’ve been together for 30 years. Married since 2003.

The Cooking of Humanity with EMF Radiation – (Resulted with my wife getting cancer. A perfectly healthy 45 year old woman)

I was telling my wife for years that I could both feel and hear the frequencies being pulsed from our devices, televisions, this specific alarm clock and many other areas of the home. Finally, I was led by the Spirit of God to purchase an EMF/RF/EF meter. That did prove that everything that I could both hear and feel was for real. Actually, it was even worse than I had expected. Also, I had a vision of my wife getting ill, then I told her about it roughly 6 months ago. I had said to her that “I would not allow that to happen”(I failed). The same thing happened to my mother in late 2002. I had a vision, then I had written a letter to someone close to me. Stating emphatically that she was going to pass suddenly. My mother then fell terminally ill in latter 2003. Then she passed about 3 and a half months later, just before Christmas in 2003.

Sadly, my visions do come to pass. This has always been a curse to me. Knowing what’s coming eventually and not being able to do anything to prevent your worst nightmares from coming to pass. I firmly feel we will beat this cancer and come out much stronger afterwards. We here at my house must remain positive and more faithful than we have ever been, no matter what happens we keep our trust in God our Father. My visions even came to pass when I was a very young child. I just assumed everyone was like me, because I was born this way.

Symptoms of Directed Energy Assault that are often labeled as mysterious pain & fatigue syndromes, even neuromuscular spasms including neuropathy.

Every so calledFIBROMYALGIAsymptom is specifically related to both GMO’s and primarilyWIFI/RF Pulse Radiation

I suffered from every single one of these so called “Fibromyalgia Symptoms,” and far worse. Fibromyalgia is for real, however, fibromyalgia never existed until WIFI Radiation and GMO’s. My Fibromyalgia was so severe I was placed on very, very high doses of narcotic pain medications, plus other medications just to keep me working.

As far as the neuromuscular pain. I was eventually diagnosed with “severe Fibromyalgia,” secondary to “Complex Regional Pain Syndrome” that spread throughout my entire body. The Specialists working to resolve my case said because I did not get the “CRPS” treated soon enough. The nerve pain spread throughout my entire body. There was nothing I could do about it, at all. Except treat the symptoms with narcotic pain medications, with the proper doses of benzodiazepines to relax my CNS. All that stemmed from a supposed etiology of a mild brain injury from an accident I had in the late 1990’s? Despite I knew it was not what was happening to me. By that time around the year 2000-2001. I was willing to except any diagnosis just to get treatment for the truly unbearable pain I was living within, 24/7/365.

I was still working over 60 hours a week until the pain became so overwhelming that I had to take a leave of absence from my job. Just to try to get to the bottom of what everyone, including myself, was seeking to get real treatment for what we all believed were actually real “terribly painful neurological abnormalities resolved.” A horrible neuromuscular pain syndrome that I had been afflicted with. This all happened before my mid 20’s. This was a difficult thing for me to process. Likely because I knew in my Spirit something else was the real problem and I was 100% correct.

I was being told by several Doctors that this was it for life. Saying I had to learn to cope with this in someway. I did see several chronic pain therapists early on, with zero success. They proclaimed they were doing everything in their power to help me. Problem was, that nobody could see the torment and relentless pain I was suffering on a black and white Doctors report, an MRI, or some other test that we could point at that would allow me to say, “there is the problem.” Cannot do anything about it, but it would have been a lot easier if I could point to a test or image and let everyone see why I was writhing in pain continually, non-stop torture all day and all night for what felt like an eternity. We still have not even gotten into the “gang stalking.” Which now all makes perfect sense now looking back.

Consider this your last warning.

You all know who you are, as do I myself. I’m here to remind you all that you are nothing, but a bunch of mind control victims who actually believe that wearing a costume has authority over anyone. You are so pathetic and will receive your eternal reward. I have allowed you all to get away with trespassing so I could record your outrageous stupidity. If I see you again on my property I will take you down without hesitating. Then you can tell your story to the State Police. “Trespassing is illegal, period. Nobody can say they have not been WARNED! When I call the police you will have been recorded confessing the TRUTH. CONSIDER THIS AS YOUR LAST WARNING.”

Just a handful of problems caused by WIFI Radiation

The neurological pain was so severe I literally cannot put it into words. Yet, because people could not see an actual bloody wound or the X-Rays of a broken neck. It was very difficult for anyone to believe me despite the Doctors diagnosis. Even my entire family on both sides, outside of my Fiancé, thought I was just a junkie looking for pain medications. At first the medications got me working again and all seemed good again. Took more than a decade for the medications to really begin to take a serious toll on my body physically. But the real physical breakdown was after I blew out my L-4, L-5 & S-1 lumbar discs that resulted in bilateral nerve root compression. Then I had no choice but to apply for disability. It took 3 years until late 2012 to finally get approved. I did receive the entire three years of back payments from when I first applied for disability benefits in late 2009. Turned out that I had at least 5 surgeries while I was trying everything I could to resolve what was actually “psychotronic and directed energy torture” as a Targeted Individual.

Basically, I was a Doctor made junkie. They had me on so many prescription narcotics and benzodiazepines, that I didn’t feel anything anymore. However, the medications were killing me. That is when I had to began my fast in mid 2018. I did not even know what was happening at the time. But my wife said continually; “perhaps Father God is purging your body.” Yes, she was speaking the 100% Truth. I then went from 242 pound’s down to 162 pounds over the following 9 months. Stopped all my medications, except for my alprazolam, due to Post Traumatic Stress from the decades of being a Targeted Individual. Although I have been working to get off the benzos for the past two years without success.

Nearly every Home Appliance or LED Device has been turned into a Weapon. Everyone needs to have an EMF/EF/RF meter.

It first all started as just gang stalking and destroying my life. Taking my jobs, destroying my character with false arrests and endless lies. Police brutality and constant surveillance. By the end of 2007 I was totally finished. My credit was shot, my character was a mess, was continually harassed without end. I had worked until late 2009. Then I had my devastation back injury and could not work from that day on. Was let go from my job just a few days before I was to leave the state for 2- weeks for a job. I was hardly able to walk, let alone perform physical work 12-15 hours a day. However, I intended to keep working. It was the company I was working for that decided my services were no longer valuable to them. Unfortunately for me, I understood they had every reason to cut me loose. They were in it to make money, not show pity on someone who was injured outside of work over a Holiday weekend.

Once I came off all my narcotic pain medications at the end of March of 2019. I then rebuilt my my body while working roughly 18 hours a day for the Lord. It was called the Night’s Watchman Investigation of 2019-2020. The AI machine went into “kill mode” once I had entered the final few months of my 9 month fast. It was because I was about to break free from the learned helplessness and stop all the medications that kept me quiet, as well as in a sort of “zombie state” of physical awareness. Although I was always very close to our Redeemer in the Spirit of TRUTH, as I carefully and quietly plotted my way out of the snare that I had been captured within for nearly twenty years.

Unless you have been under this type of directed energy assault. It is just not possible to comprehend the level of torture this really is. To say I did not wish to die every day, would be an absolute lie. I truly only survived through my Faith in God. I still worked as a Watchman for all those years. Also, I served Father God as often as I could to help others come to the light of life eternal in our messiah, and still continue to this day. My mission focus has always been around both my wife and son. In that department I have always done what I was instructed by God to do.

Even when I was walking with a Cain I recorded as often as I felt led by the Spirit of God. I began to pray to be accounted worthy to lay down my life for my Lord and Savior, as he had died for me. I was asking to die for HIM. Father God later granted my prayer during my N.D.E, than HE sent me back with the Seal of God written upon my forehead shortly after. All Glory and praise to Christ our messiah, the Word made manifest in our Redeemer.

Despite I could care less about them targeting me anymore. Only because I just keep building the indictment against them. As I continue to build my indictment against this NAZI eugenics Beast System, which I call the 4th Reich. Only because in TRUTH, that is exactly what it is. Let me be clear. This Eugenics AI program began in NAZI Germany through their intermingling with the Vril Society and the Draco Reptilians. That is why their secret base with this high technology was coming from Antarctica where the Fallen Angels are imprisoned no more.

All the Fallen Angel technology came from New Swabia. We lost World War II during Operation High Jump and we brought in the Nazi’s through Project Paperclip from 1945-1958. That is when the Black Magick CIA , DARPA, and soon after all the countless other satanic alphabet agencies including Mossad began working on MKULTRA mind control, picking up exactly where the Nazi scientists left off. This I have been talking about for roughly a decade.

I now have so much evidence I truly intend to take on the US Government and their Clandestine wicked, evil Agencies in which I will most definitely make headline NEWS with this imminent Lawsuit I am going to pursue with all my strength. I always continually gather more and more undeniable proof of the extreme directed energy harassments, every single day and night. I will even be able to provide the installed military weaponized chip-sets installed within our L.E.D. alarm clocks, along with countless other devices that are remotely accessed to target and harass/torture both me and my family. They have been removed from our home and will be examined by the experts.


How many have committed suicide? All from this psychotronic torture NAZI Eugenics frequency technology.
This AI frequency NAZI MKULTRA Mind Control & Behavioral Modification Technology is being scaled across the entire population. By matching the DNA resonance to the T.I. you can and will be targeted anywhere on earth 24/7/365. This is an AI sentient machine, not a group of people.

Fight Back! You will become empowered. I’ve been a T.I. for over 20 years straight. Took me until about 2010-2011 to figure out what was happening to me. I’m their worst nightmare. A living, walking and talking indictment with physical evidence and witnesses. I cannot be stopped from speaking the TRUTH. I will always provide the physical evidence with endless testimony from actual first hand witnesses. I have already defeated them several times. This time it will be before a Federal Judge.

The question is would anyone even believe me? I can recognize when this frequency technology is being used against those around me. I can also tell almost immediately when this frequency technology is being used against me, almost instantly. Unless you have been a victim of all of this NAZI MKULTRA Technology. An ancient AI that almost nobody could possibly be aware that such technology even exists. That is how powerful this frequency behavior modification technology really is.

Once you begin to fight this entity, it becomes infinitely more worse and antagonistic. I feel if I do not speak- out and take this to the highest levels of Government to fight in Court. Then everything I have been through with being directly targeted would have been for absolutely nothing. If you’re wondering what is the point? Well, the point is that with this technology they could literally make you bend a knee when they usher in the False Messiah. This technology could be scaled to the entire population and make your belly so tight. That you may truly believe our actual King, Christ the Messiah has finally come.

The False Mashiach a.k.a. The Antichrist

No, this is the AI sentient entity intermingled with the Serpent Race. They (the fallen one’s) are desperately looking to take over plus ensnare as many Souls into perdition as possible. Specifically now, at this late hour. Including all the fallen Kings over the earth. The Devil hates us all, just the same. Please, just be prepared for what is fast approaching us all. I never promote fear, but I always promote Spiritual preparedness.

I have even made contact with some of the Satanist dead men walking that work my case. Well, I am truly their eternal worst nightmare. I am willing to bet they have no idea what they have done and what it will cost them, eternally speaking. I do not have to physically do anything, outside of presenting my case before a Federal Judge. I do not promote violence. I promote “love your enemies.” However, in this case they have gone way too far. Now they will be held to account both in this world, and their eternal lake of fire. The Lord and his vengeance will be their last vacation before eternal damnation for what they have done and are planning to do to the entire human race.

As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of man. Their D.U.M.B.S. cannot save them anymore than their AI Quantum Matrix seeking transcendence to attempt to escape Judgment. I’m here to see that will never happen. My Fathers Judgment is just, as HIS vengeance draws near. Although I never proclaim to know a day nor an hour. I am certain we are fast approaching the midst of the week and that is my Fathers time to execute “The Wrath of the Lamb.” They will overcome the Saints for a very, very short season. Then they shall all reap the vengeance and Wrath of the fierceness of Almighty God, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

The year 2020 has been a banner year headed for the ash heap of history. Stand firm on your foundation and by no means shall anything overcome you. However, we are all being put to the test. As I have declared would happen since I opened my primary YouTube channel.

SIS, Brian Kofron-Gang Stalking, T.I. Expert and Victim

Our Adversaries synthetic Omnipresence here on earth. I’m here to tell you this has already happened. They now need to upgrade the Human Vessel into the Serpent Race. By adding the synthetic third Stand of DNA they turn your vessel from 44 Base Pillars to 66 Base Pillars. Or we could say from 46 chromosomes to a synthetic 69 Chromosomes. Making you unredeemable. The Hydrogel/Luciferase Quantum Dot would constitute the mark of the beast. The delivery system within the patch itself would represent a scratch, etching, stamp and a palisade. Thus making the microchip implant an incredible psyop they delivered to us all.

That gave the Churches the out they needed to start to go along with the agenda as a 501(c)3 Organization they have certain guidelines to follow. Sadly, they are wolves in sheep’s clothing to all their ill advised lukewarm flock. Please, do not get me wrong. I feel terrible for anyone that is being willfully misled. However, if they trusted only in the Spirit of God, rather than delegating their Spiritual authority to men who were appointed, not anointed. Then they too would never have been misled so easily. I certainly pray they will eventually see the TRUTH before it’s too late. I do not take the loss of even one single Soul lightly at all.

Rev 13:16  AndG2532 he causethG4160 all,G3956 both smallG3398 andG2532 great,G3173 (G2532) richG4145 andG2532 poor,G4434 (G2532) freeG1658 andG2532 bond,G1401 toG2443 receiveG1325 G846 a markG5480 inG1909 theirG848 rightG1188 hand,G5495 orG2228 inG1909 theirG848 foreheads:G3359 

Revelation: 13:16  And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 

mark άραγμαG5480
From the same as G5482: a scratch or etching, that is, stamp (as a badge of servitude), or sculptured figure (statue): – graven, mark.


From “charasso” (to sharpen to a point; akin to G1125 through the idea of scratching); a stake, that is, (by implication) a palisade or rampart (millitary mound for circumvallation in a siege): –

The Hydrogel Luciferase Quantum Dot Patch was designed from the fangs of a viper. The Luciferase Quantum Dot fulfils the Mark of the Beast.

Revelation: 13:16  And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 

From “charasso” (to sharpen to a point; akin to G1125 through the idea of scratching); a stake, that is, (by implication)a palisade or rampart (military mound for circumvallation in a siege): –

This is pretty obvious to me now. Will now have to admit even the micro chip was a psyop. All to get people to take the Hydrogel Patch. Even the 501(c)3 Churches are pushing the vaccine and Luciferase. Be ready to endure, I will never stop saying it.

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