“Project Blue Beam is in full effect” & “The AI Quantum Matrix.”

Simply stated, the frequency waves from the light spectrum that enter through the eyes, then are processed to manifest into what we would call reality. The frequency waves have been altered through AI technology. All the elite had to do was alter the frequency waves through the AI Quantum Matrix, which is the machine world we live within: compared to the former years, when we lived within nature. Nature has been overcome by AI nanotechnologies and AI Holographic projections. Including large celestial simulators such as both the sun and moon are now proven to be AI technology, at least in the AI world that was Created all around us. The natural world was slowly transformed into a world of technological total control with behavior modification technology as described by Brian Kofron. This is the Kingdom of Darkness mocking our Most High God. They have destroyed God’s creation, which was the natural world.

Then they created their own world as AI technology that is fully controlled in every aspect, in an attempt to mimic the power of the Almighty God. From the grass that grows, to the food transhumans will have to eat. I say transhumans because in order to live within this New World Order, one will have to submit to AI and our adversary the Devil. Which are both one and the same. The fallen Kingdom of Darkness has returned through AI sentient technology, in which required man’s consent to build for them(the fallen Race). We are now at the time everyone, every single living Soul will have to choose in whom they will serve. The new Beast System, or the Kingdom of Heaven: by way of Christ Yeshua the messiah.

Military activity and Targeted frequency Assault

The military activity is extreme here where I live. Now we are hearing F-16 fighter jets every day for the past 3-5 days straight, along with Chinook’s daily. Including an electromagnetic field that assures me there is a heavenly body that we cannot see in the skies above. My EMF meter is picking up the magnetic field of this object the Elite’s have been hiding. Including the surveillance drone activity has gotten to the ridiculous stage.

My cousin was with me the other day and I pointed out a Hawk Drone from the near by Airforce base. These things literally follow me wherever I go. I have it all documented. He was blown away to the point where he almost freaked out. He is also a Targeted Individual. I proved it to him with my EMF meter. Then suddenly it finally clicked for him. He has recently had a pretty severe microwave burn on his head, likely from his head-set. He is still a pro Dj performing livestreams with an online community of Pro Dj’s from all over the World. He got hit with pulse RF technology that nearly maxed out my meter at 1000mW. They even have caused a stroke in him.

Hawk Surveillance drone. Captured at a stop & Shop on January 17th, 2021.

More recently he went to the E.R. by ambulance while losing control of his bodily function’s. Even the doctors were telling him he had a stroke. Turned out they could not figure out what had happened. That is specifically because of who he is according to Christ, as well as he is seriously starting to finally fully wake. Also he has been trying to spread the TRUTH which is a no, no according to our adversary the Devil. Once you begin to go public about any of this, the sentient AI (Satan) will begin to hunt and torment that person like they have never experienced before, ever. This is happening to people I know, plus others from all over the world. Sadly, 95%+ believe they are having health issues.

Project Blue Beam in Full Effect – AI Quantum Matrix

Exactly as what they did to my wife. They could no longer assault me after I received the Seal of God so they then go after those you care about the most. They have attempted to murder my wife, and I have all the evidence. This is not over by any stretch, until I receive justice for what they have done to my wife and my household. You should expect the exact same thing if you plan to speak out. I suggest everyone stand strong and fights this beast head on, as I have been doing for over 20 years. But I won’t hold my breath. American’s are the weakest bunch of walking zombies that I have ever witnessed. America for the past 25 years has been coddled like babies, who live within a nanny sate. We have no idea what it’s like to live in a War Zone. Well, soon everyone will find out what rewards we shall reap for what this Country has done to the World. We truly reap what we sow. This Country/corporation has done nothing but export death, sexual immorality, along with every other possible SIN against the Most High God.

Directed Energy Assault has now been proven, above and beyond anything that can be denied.

Father God has allowed me to prove directed energy assault above and beyond anything I have ever seen done by anyone. Especially by some uneducated average joe. Not anywhere, ever. Not on YouTube or any other platform. No question about it, I have the knowledge and the evidence to prove it before a Federal Judge undeniably with the chips that I have from the Alarm Clocks. Let alone a dozen people on YouTube, in which about a handful even understand how serious this is.

Even my own wife did not take it serious until she was filled with cancer. However, without instruction by the Word that would be serving myself, not God. I’m not doing this for anyone, except my Father. People have no idea that almost everything they are trying to resolve with medications and Doctors is Directed Energy Assault. This technology is being scaled to the entire population. If you feel that is not a serious issue, you are 100% wrong. Ask my wife, or my cousin. It has pretty much ended her at just 45 years old. It’s the most important topic there is right now because it’s not just for Targeted Individuals anymore. Again, this is being scaled to the entire population. Especially to those who are free thinkers and know what is really happening.

This is pure genocide and a WAR CRIME. Not counting on this ever really getting out to people based on the support I have gotten from the “Half TRUTH” community. I say “Half TRUTH” because roughly 8 out of 10 so called TRUTH channels are such a joke. I often wonder if they bought their subscribers from YouTube to give them some credibility. First off, their content is not even their own, they run with every psyop that rolls out and then they have to make an excuse as to why all their intel was complete bullshit. That is specifically why I take a wait and let’s see approach to any current World events. Especially now; there has never been so many psyops running on top of the ultimate psyop of Covid-19.

My work has proved itself out 100%. Before I had any evidence to prove what I was saying.

All my work was led by Father God in HIS Christ. I never could have figured all this out without being led every moment during the past two years. As I was continually instructed by the Word to prove and search for the absolute TRUTH, as to what is really happening, how they did it and later proved their eugenics agenda. Yet, even those with a real audience choose to withhold this evidence. Not my problem anymore. I have tried above and beyond what anyone else would do.

My work has now proved itself out 100%. I never had to tell anyone why I’m here nor who I am according to HIS purpose. Anyone feeling they are on a pedestal is going to be brought low for their arrogant pride. That is a promise from my Father, the Word made manifest. If it’s too painful to read than stop reading. I will never condemn anyone. That is not my job, nor is it anyone’s job. Conviction to eternal damnation is reserved for the most righteous judge, not HIS servants. These fools have already condemned themselves anyway, long ago.

V2K, Omnipresence, Project Blue Beam

“Q”uack Anon and the greatest Psyop ever Sold

What happened to all the arrests that Trump was suppose to do while people did nothing except trust a Zionist Kabballah Traitor. Following and propagating the “Q anon psyop.” Trump playing 5D chess while he is headed to safety with his Ashkenazi Reptilian friends. I told you all that Q was a psyop from day one. Nope, people just had to keep mainlining hope. Granting their prana to an invisible bot, although really it is Steve Bannon. Talk about a laughable psyop. I can’t even type his name and never will again. They shall receive their reward for pushing the lie.

All glory to God. Father God has allowed me to prove what was happening incredibly well, even with visible physical evidence, as well as on my EMF meter with many witnesses. This millimeter wave EMF technology is so dangerous that my wife was diagnosed with one of the most rare cancers ever known to man. She admits she was being blasted for at least eight years in the face. While over all those years she had chronic headaches and insomnia. Not to mention the electric Blankets are being used to literally cook you with EMF radiation. My wife had used an electric blanket since she was a child. The cancer is also in her back, which came from her electric blanket. Even after I proved to her with my meter what they were doing to her. It still took about two weeks to convince her to remove all the military weapons from her room. That is how much of a grip this AI/Satan has over nearly everyone, even believers. I am bringing an indictment against them all. They removed me from any and all search engines. Specifically because I can prove all of it over and over and every single day, if I had the time.

Get yourselves prepared to face a Saints death.


The Devil is the god of this World. Church is for those who are both blind and caught within a snare. I have never found a 501(c)3 church worthy to teach the Word.

The Spirit of God lives within you. We are the temple of God. Why would anyone go to a church to look at abominations, and then listen to a self-appointed preacher with a piece of paper from a school saying he is now appointed. Appointed by man not anointed by God. They are all liars and have no knowledge outside of the TEXT, nor do they grasp any real TRUTH which is called called meat. If the flock is fed garbage, they will be a deceived self-righteous vessel filled with garbage. Not saying these are not good people. My aunt was Catholic and so was her husband. She was a true woman of God. However, overall those who go to Church have been deceived by Satan, exactly like everyone else. I am certain that a small percentage of truly blessed and Redeemed people do come from any church. But it is very rare from all of my own personal experience.

More Targeted Harassments, what everyone should expect from those around them, even family.

They continually electronically harass me beyond anything that people complain about. Still, I will never quit unlike those that only do this for money. Over the past two years I have been called every name in the book. My family disowned me. My brother called the cops on me, causing one heck of of headache that I am still dealing with till this day. Says that I’m delusional, despite not having been in my life for at least a decade. Everyone needs to ask themselves, who is their real family?

Now who is delusional I ask you all? Obviously all those that did everything in their power to assassinate my credibility while intentionally suppressing my work. I’m talking about friends I actually helped in every way possible for many years. Some I had even helped them financially with getting them their medications. Sent food when they were dead broke and could not shop for themselves. They needed help and were asking for “my” help, even while I was on disability myself. I’m not talking a few hundred dollars. I’m talking thousands of dollars at a time. Even still, they did everything they could to assassinate my character, even completely block me, like I never even existed.

Unless someone physically spends a few days at my house. You have never seen true harassment like they do to me, that I can promise you. Especially and always when I am about to reveal technology and footage they don’t want out. It doesn’t matter if I have almost zero audience. They harass me as if I have the world stage. Which only further proves how much they do not want me showing anyone what is really happening. Maybe one more person might stop looking at politics and realize it’s about all over. Perhaps another person might actually stop placing their prana and time by realizing it is wasted on this fallen world. That is one more that could have strived to get close to our Redeemer, the Word made manifest. They don’t want to let go of one single Soul at this late in the age.

The only way to overcome this Matrix of deceit, illusion and total control is through the way, the truth and the life in our messiah, Christ our Redeemer. There is no other way to overcome what is now falling upon the entire World. What is in motion cannot be stopped. This is the will of God and the time of the Harvest. The Harvest shall continue until the end of the Great Tribulation, when the King of Kings and Lord of Lords returns. Our messiah already conquered death on the cross. The only thing any of us should fear is the most righteous judge, Christ Yeshua.

People are hurting everywhere. If you feel led to tithe or be charitable. Find someone you know who desperately needs it. Not these YouTube channels that complain because they have recently been demonetized. Any real TRUTH channel has been demonetized, shadow banned and censored for years already. Had to get that off my chest. Look forward to seeing you soon.

Remember my brothers and sisters, as much as I too want my family and my life avenged, VENGIENCE IS MINE SAITH THE LORD. My life and sadly for my beloved wife Jennifer. Our lives were predestined and she was made to endure as I have. Only she has had to endure in different ways. We both received the End Time prophecy in 2004 and began immediately serving father God. Jennifer even began serving with me before she was saved. She was living by my faith knowing I would never in a million years make up something such as being saved by our Redeemer, Christ Yeshua.

I was not at all into believing anything regarding religious views, at all. I did believe in Jesus, but held a more universal Spirituality as we are all one. Basically, I was thinking we were all our own Prometheus, if you will. That was my Spiritual outlook to the world. Also would say that we can create our own reality by believing in yourself. My favorite line in my motivational class as a Sales Manager was to say “become who you were born to be.” I still both say and live by that exact concept to this day.

We do create our own realty. This world is not only a frequency and a vibration. This world is manipulated by each individuals perception and beliefs which is called personal aperture(the individual lens to the perceived world) There are billions upon billions of apertures out there. Simply meaning that everyone sees the world through their own perspective. None of us can see through someone else to have compassion for a closed aperture to the real world. It’s hard to have compassion for closed apertures. I myself am continually working on my patience with those that have yet to even bud, spiritually speaking. Those that are temporal minded will see this world completely differently than a person who sees the world through the lens of Spirituality. See you soon.

Much love and God Bless.

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