We are within an AI Control Grid Matrix. “AI LUNAR VORTEX, Scaler Wave Portal (The Pit) video” is now published on the “A.O.D channel” and straight to the footage on “The Deliverer.”


The AI moon simulator and E.L.F portal technology has been one of the greatest revelations to date. As I have been trying to resolve the moon for two solid years now. I give all praise and glory to God. I was specifically instructed when to go outside to record these AI technological monsters at times when the veil was most thin, or a vortex and portal was opened and active. I cannot just go outside and record these anomalies at anytime. I have to be led by the Spirit of God as to when these amazing anomalies are taking place. See you very soon. I am almost ready to present.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE FOR FUTURE VIDEOS: I work on my Fathers timing, not anyone else’s, ever. Due to my current situation regarding my household. Along with all that has fallen upon my shoulders as a result, I will only be working on YouTube when I have the free time. Just because people don’t see me does not mean I am not working daily, as I have been doing since 2004. Rest assured, when Father God wants me to get some work out, the work gets out one way or another: even when feels that I have no time at all. I am very anxious to finally finish up with my two year solid Watchman investigation. This has been the most brutal work I have ever had to endure in such a short timeframe. Praise God ,it is almost done and concluded. After I wrap-up my next few videos we’ll see if I am feeling led to continue on with something else. There are many topics I would like to get into. Although it has become very clear YouTube as a platform is on borrowed time, especially for people like me.

The one positive thing that has come from this terrible trial is that my heart has softened for those lost in this world. I now see there are good people around us that I have refused to associate with. Only because of past issues and specifically because they are caught within the Grand Delusion. They’ve just been close minded and most have turned away from the Gospel, or have been caught within the snare of the 501(c)3 Churches. I feel sorrow in my heart for all these people that refused to listen, and still choose to live within denial.

Published on my back up channel. Straight to the footage.

When I have free time I work, and when I’m really busy with family I don’t. YouTube is not a priority for me anymore. I promise, everything in this world is going to get a lot worse. They are planning to take down the Power Grid. Not just the USA, likely many Countries will suffer catastrophic total blackouts. I am planning to get my next project out soon. Will also “eventually” be publishing a full detailed and well written Blog Post on the AI LUNAR VORTEX.

DARK WINTER, Psychotronic weapons & D.E.W Lasers

This is getting out of hand. Things are about to get really bad. The AI actually can amp up or stop the pulse radiation frequency within our light bulbs and every other possible device, LED lights, both inside or outside. It does not matter where the TARGET goes. Once they have your specific DNA resonant frequency, the AI grid will literally assault one single person in a massive crowd, and only the TARGET will feel the assault frequencies. Think of every person on the earth as a specific channel amongst nearly 8 Billion other channels. When the AI locks onto the TARGET, that is a frequency wave length that matches that specific Target resonant frequency. This is genocide AGENDA 21/2030 and the New World Order moving full speed ahead.

For full understanding of this technology I would suggest watching the Brian Kofron video. Brian who was both an expert and then became a victim for going public with his disgust at what was happening to the American citizens. Brian Kofron has not been heard from since 2018. Brian was the specialist who worked and trained for S.I.S. Inc. They are a Gang Stalking and Targeted Individual Government contract clandestine operation. Be ready, be Strong. Will see you all real soon. much love.


Wanted to correct the record on David Goldberg’s final words. Thanks to a subscriber that showed me Donald Trump did publicly call himself the “King of Israel,” as described in his final video. Therefore, making David Goldberg’s final words on the memos and classified documents on Project Pogo and Project Zyphr highly credible intel. Although the elites have likely evolved their plans on Project Zyphr. Everything David Goldberg had stated in June, 2019 has been the TRUTH thus far.


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