AI, Archons, the Great Apocalypse! The REPTILIAN ARCHONS have now manifest into the physical 3D plane. POLICE STATE, The LAST REICH, ILLEGAL HAWK DRONE SURVEILLANCE. Active denial: Fifth Generation Warfare. We are well within “Project Blue Beam.” An “E.L.F Device” is on the perceived moon.



Now moving forward with my work. Project Blue Beam is here. Pulse Ai frequencies & sentient information technology. The Last Reich has come.

Hands down, the greatest psyop ever sold as whatever you want to believe. That’s what makes it the greatest most unbelievable psyop ever sold. They even told the World back on 10.19.2019 at Event 201 as well as the World Economic Forum what they were planning on doing, yet, even still, people in general are clueless to what is really happening here. Everyone sees it differently. The way the elite have pulled this off by marginalizing those who speak the real truth was nearly flawless. USA Inc. is Nazi Germany risen from the ashes. As far as the level of mind control in the US and most of Western Society this is Nazi Germany on steroids. Although, it is clear to me, the elite really poured on the mind control and Ai Surveillance control grid here in the US, above and beyond what any other free society has been subjected to. It seems to have worked actually too well, as even the one’s who have prepared their entire lives for this “BIG EVENT”(Agenda21/2030) are waiting in line to get their vaccine. I suppose that is why it is called the “Grand Delusion.”

This is a video of an “Army of darkness” through “Fallen beings” manifest into the 3D physical World, as well as a swarm of AI High Technology that was used in an attempt to overcome me. Praise and all glory to God in HIS Christ. I was not even phased by any of the assault I was under that night. I will never forget this experience as it took place in the fifth density, which is the Astral plane.

Both videos combined. After it was revealed to me what was climbing the tree I combined both videos into one with just some short clips of video clipped out from each presentation.

This is also why I can only Remote View or fifth density recall these experiences, rather than remember these great happenings with a typical memory that fades over time. When remote viewing or call it “fifth density recall.” It is just like going back to that exact experience an living over again and again while being able to analyze in great detail what the subject had experienced at the time. In this case I am the subject recalling these incredible experiences.

Hitting them where it hurts. Their strength is fighting from the shadows.

By exposing these powers of darkness, including the Ai clandestine technology it takes away their power. The more people who see the elite are forcing Revelation end-time prophecy. The more people will realize, especially true believers this is all man made lies. Our King of Kings is not coming in the clouds as I have been saying the entire time. That is the elites end game agenda called Project Blue Beam. I feel I covered Project Blue Beam pretty well, but there is a long way to go if people are ready?

Thankfully, and praise God, finally some channels are now starting to discuss the “Plasma sky” and how serious this is. The plasma sky is to be used for “Project Blue Beam” and likely a false coming of the Kingdom. With frequency weapons, the powers-that-be can literally make a person or an entire population fall to their knees with pain and agony, including believers as well. Everyone except the very elect will believe the King of Kings has finally come.
This is NASA’S Greatest Hoax as described by “Serge Monast” in 1994. Serge Monast was discussing technology and planned future events in 1994, decades before such technology even existed. The technology Serge Monast described in 1994 regarding “Project Blue Beam’ is already here and fully operational. Not long after Serge Monast went public to continue with his work concerning Project Blue Beam, he died of a heart attack at his home in December 1996, at age 51. His followers claim his death was suspicious, suggesting he was assassinated by “psychotronic weapons” to keep from continuing his investigations.

If people have questions they should simply ask rather than turn off the video. What I have delivered was knowledge led by the Spirit of TRUTH, not man. I worked completely solo, outside of my friend Shawn helping on a couple videos with some images, only to get me on the right track as to how to enhance and modify supernatural/paranormal images. Shawn has at least a decade of experience over me in that department. I am very thankful to Father God for drawing such great people into my life since my N.D.E and the craziness during all of 2019.

If you need to get caught-up. I’m not done, have just cracked the code on this technology

I did as instructed by the Word of my Father. It’s amazing to see what was revealed over the past two+ years during the Entire Watchman investigation. People can watch the progression of the work I had to go through as Father God performed “HIS will” through me. Not too many would have the stones to leave the house by midnight and return at sunrise to gather all the footage. Footage that at the time I had no idea what it was going to yield in the end, or if there even was an end? Then I walked the mountain I live upon, dipping in and out of the woods. I did the two year investigation all alone, night after night from roughly midnight walking all around and in the woods at the witching hour, then I would investigate until first light.

Our Redeemer allowed me to show you all “seriously clandestine Ai High technology.” HE allowed me to reveal their(the elite) eugenics agenda. Tried my best to explain and show you all how and why they created a “plasma sky.” I have yet to ever see any footage of “EMF pulse charging of the sky.” Not by anyone on YouTube or on any other media platform. The “plasma sky” that nobody was talking about at the time back in 2019 is now starting to be discussed, as if this a new revelation because it’s been published in the latest white papers. Please, ask yourselves? How did I know all this without ever having researched this sort of thing, ever? Again, This is going to be used for “Project Blue Beam” and a false coming of the Kingdom. With their frequency weapons, everyone. including believers outside the very elect will believe the King has finally come. When in truth, this will all be Ai High technology and the unveiling of the false Mashiach for the Zionist Israeli Regime.

Within 15 Years Machines will outpace us in everything. (Dr. Geordie Rose)
Project Blue Beam (Part 1) Serge Monast 1994 NASA’S GREATEST HOAX (PLAY Until 3:13)
The Plasma Sky and dark matter: 3 separate dates in late summer and early Fall of 2019.
Plasma Channel Weapon. Fifth generation Active Denial warfare.
Scaler Waves and D.E.W. (play from 9:51 – 11:14)
Directed Energy: California Wildfires. Dutchsince(September 2020)
Slides: Patent Assault Frequencies and Targeted Individuals. Now being scaled to the entire population (Pause at each slide)

(Patent 1 Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors (US6506148 B2)

Patent 2) Silent subliminal presentation system (US 5159703)

Cloaking field: Information Weapons.
free space optical communications (Information weapons) Wifi/RF technology is for DATA MINING, not our convenience.
ASSAULT FREQUENCIES: Projected from the LED light and one from likely an autonomous microdrone.
The NIGHT’S WATCH: Full playlist

They are deceiving the whole world with their technology.

This is not at all the “Wrath of the Lord God.” At least not yet anyway. The elite control everything. From the fifth generation active denial “weather warfare weapons,” to the Genetically Modified everything we have had to ingest that has turned humans into a genetically modified meat-puppet. What we have ultimately become after close to 50+ years of excessive Vaccines, Pharmaceuticals, GMO’s, Chemtrails and consuming tissue you do not want to even think about, regarding what they have always put into our food supply. It has only gotten far worse over the many years. Our DNA has been modified for thousands upon thousands of years. I don’t want to get into all that right now. But I can prove it in a 30 minute video. Countless others have proven this over and over. So I would actually feel silly even doing such a video. But I would if it was required of me, or at least share a good video that was already produced.

Those at the very top of the Pyramid, along with shadow figures even above them. They have been using the Scriptures like a “Script”(no pun intended) through the entire earth age. There is clear evidence that proves the earth has been reset several times over the past several thousands of years. However, understanding who I am according to our Redeemer and where we are at in the perceived timeline. I feel for certain without any question this is the last Reich(empire) before the World is consumed by fire. Will get more into this in my upcoming videos starting right away. Please understand, I have many family obligations as well as my Son’s Baseball season. This time of year is always hard for me whether my wife is sick or not. But that certainly does not help the situation. Yet, my Fathers grace is sufficient and HIS will shall be done no matter what the circumstances.

If I was not hitting them square in the swimsuit area, than I would not have been removed from the YouTube search box. Nor would I have been removed from any and all available Search Engines. What is it that the “powers-that-be” are so desperately trying to prevent the public from seeing?

Spoiler, Project Blue Beam, along with all the Vortexes and Portals they have opened and cannot close. D-Wave Ai Quantum Computers are making all the decisions here, not man. CERN has performed their rituals along with technology to open these Portals and Pit to the other side. Quantum Computers manage the beast system one world technocracy.

In less than 24 Hours after I produced the ARCHON MANIFEST video, it was revealed to me what exactly was causing the tree branches that were being pushed downward, causing the L.E.D light across the road from my house to be heavily exposed, than nearly completely blocked by the branches repeatedly. There were actually more than one of these “Translucent (Predator type) Creatures scaling” the outer edge of the branches with ease. I feel strongly in my Spirit it was one of these beings that look like frogs, with long arms and very large hands.


Two separate snapshots of the translucent “PRADATOR” type creature that was scaling the outer edge of the large tree. This Predator type being is what was causing the thick branches to be pulled in a downward fashion that then exposed or blocked the L.E.D streetlamp from across the road at my house.
Same Massive Reptilian: only more cropped for an easier view. Here is looks like we can even see that it has a tongue hanging out of its mouth?
This is the creature that was completely translucent scaling the tree. Details in the video (Predator)

There were actually two separate beings that scaled this tree, incredibly fast I have to add. I only showed this one in the video presentation. As the other intelligent being was nearly off the screen as it quickly climbed out of the camera frame, just prior to this particular creature jumping roughly 10-12 feet from the ground to grab onto the nearest branch big enough to sustain the weight of this translucent, other worldly being.

Thus causing the anomalies of the exposed L.E.D streetlamp. There were moments it was clear and unobstructed from view, having no branches blocking the view of the L.E.D streetlamp. Other times the L.E.D streetlamp was nearly fully blocked by the branches. This fifth density being was scaling the branches at the outer edge of this quite large tree. This is unlike anything I have ever witnessed before in my life. The first being, which I did not share in this video, climbed all the way to the top outer edge and moved quickly out of frame within just a few seconds. That is when this translucent being jumped up off the ground and started carefully scaling the tree. Also, the video was slowed down to about 40% speed which is why it looks to be moving much slower.
Snapshot as the “translucent being” that is scaling the outer edge of the tree. Now we can see the branches are starting to block the L.E.D streetlamp from across the road. Details in the video(Predator)

Thanks and all glory to God the father. He has allowed me to resolve the questions as to what in the heck would be big enough to pull down those very thick, large branches aggressively downward on multiple occasions, during this just over a one minute video clip. Thanks to all the hard work that paid dividends. Following specific instruction by the Spirit of TRUTH in Christ our Redeemer. He reveals to me nearly anything that I ask for. Father God does not reveal overwhelming knowledge all at once. First, I have to come into full understanding of what I had experienced. Then, sometimes months later, after my Spirit grows enough to withstand the weight of the knowledge. Father God then pours out this blessed knowledge of what had really happened all around me during these amazing experiences I have been through over the past two decades. Especially during the past 3-4 years. The image below is of the L.E.D lamp across the road that was getting blocked by the branches being pulled down by the translucent being.

These frog type creatures that blend in with their surroundings and have the ability to become completely translucent
Same image of the frog creature in the woods, only less enhanced than the above image.
These frog type creatures that blend in with their surrounding. These images were captured on two separate evenings.
This is the video clip I used in the presentation. I too have witnessed these type of beings on more than a few occasions. Going all the way back to when I was a very young man just out of High School.

What’s next? Now that I’m so “shadow banned” there is no conceivable way I can see how to grow my channel above even 1000 subscribers.

As aggravating as it is to not to be searchable anywhere through YouTube or otherwise. To have your paid for “lifetime private domain name” REMOVED from any and all available Search Engines. The A.O.D Channel cannot be found either through “YouTube search,” or any “Internet Search Engine.” The Deliverer every now and then I will find about 25-40 pages deep into the search on YouTube. Even though all the channels before mine are not even named “The Deliverer.” The YouTube accounts are on two separate emails. Even my music channel is Shadow Banned because it is tied to the A.O.D. YouTube channels email address. Because the email on “The Deliverer account” is tied to someone very close to me, who also has a video gaming YouTube channel. Now his YouTube channel has since also been Shadow Banned. This proves to me the Ai Quantum Computers are simply blocking our IP Addresses. Unfortunately, a VPN doesn’t do anything when they want to ban you from their alphabet agency controlled platforms. The only thing a VPN does is slow down my already incredibly slow internet connection. Despite with the 4GIG, 5G Capable/1000mbps Router. Still, my internet connection reminds me of the days of the super slow DSL only in my Studio. Everywhere else in this house there are no problems whatsoever. Hmm?

The next few projects are going to be published to The Deliverer channel. They will be well worth the wait, I can assure you of that. These projects are sucking the life out of me, as I’m feeling that I work non-stop, all day and every night. I put in a couple hours than attend to my family and other responsibilities. I only sleep 4-5 hours a night. Then will start working again by 5-5:30am(est), only until my boy gets up for homeschool at about 8 am(est). Take care of family and get back to work. I have at least five separate videos that I’ve been working on, all at the same time. It can get very overwhelming as the work keeps piling up. I then begin to wonder how in the world am I going to present the video and what part is most critical to Segway into the next massive have a good time discussing topics along with the Revelations received that I can now even show you.

This period of getting pulled in ten different directions is only temporary, despite it feels never-ending. This time of year is very, very busy for me with the yard work plus a whole lot more. Even if this was not Agenda 21/203, along with my beloved wife Jennifer is still fighting for her life. I would be swamped regardless. Also, I’m about to schedule another surgery for my neck. Just got the call today from the Surgical Center to schedule the removal of the metal in my shoulder and neck. Praying that this surgery resolves my chronic headaches once and forever. And of course, my wife Jen has been ill for a long time now. We still have a long way to go in this fight, including a bone marrow transplant in NYC early this Summer, 2021.

We all keep the faith here at home. We truly trust Father God, the Word made manifest through our Redeemer, Christ the messiah. By the Word of HIS Testimony by the blood of HIS sacrifice. That is how we are made blameless, not sinless. As I always say, we are “not” appointed to HIS wrath, but we all must face the man-made “Great Persecution” of Matthew:24:8-12. Don’t be fooled, the elite have reset this world many times before. Everything from the weather to volcanoes are all mans weapons’ through the weather to scaler waves and D.E.W to start fires, amongst countless other psychopathic tendencies these elite who love to play god. They use the Scriptures like a script to force what looks to be Revelation end time prophecy when in TRUTH they are using AI/Archon/Fallen Angel Technology that has been here upon the earth since the very beginning of time itself. I intentionally typed Ai/Archons/Fallen Angels as the Archon/Fallen Angel/Daemons are all “One & the Same.’ AI needs intelligence and others to build for it and the Archons/Fallen Angels & Deamons are all subserviently and serving Ai and always have been in an attempt to mimic the incomprehensible Power of the Infinite Creator Source Light & Life everlasting in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Where do I feel we are at in the perceived timeline? It’s clear we are within the End of Days and the time of our Great Apocalypse.

It is my personal humble opinion this is the final, last Reich(empire) before the World is consumed by Fire. This fallen World will be consumed by the Fire of HIS FACE of Righteousness , upon the 7th Trumpet. Every knee shall bend and every tongue will confess that our Redeemer, the Holy Eternal King of Kings and Lord of Spirits is the only TRUE “Lord God.” There is no other way back to the Father, except through the Spirit of Prophecy, Christ our King who is the Word made manifest in the flesh. HE was slain upon the foundation of the World for the remission of Sin. Our Messiah Christ Yeshua was the final blood sacrifice during the age of HIS grace, that I now feel is over. It has become disturbingly obvious to me that the 99% are so evacuated in their own vessel of flesh. They are completely gone already, just wait until they kick-up the frequencies that will activate the nanomedicines within the mRNA vaccines.

Look at India for example, as even the mainstream is reporting they are dropping like flies. They are also reporting parts of India have to build massive lots of land, just to burn the bodies. Sure sounds like everything “David Goldberg” said before he was murdered. He was murdered for revealing the documents on Project Pogo & Project Zyphr . The documents and memos David Goldberg revealed were very accurate. Trump even declared himself to be “King of Israel” back in latter August, 2019, two months after David Goldberg’s death. But exactly as he read in the “Whitehouse memos” on Donald Trump and their ZIONIST agenda. Trump was selected to help usher in the New World Order, the False Moshiach for Zionist Israel. As well as to oversee the complete dismantling of the United States as UN Agenda 21/2030 calls for the dissolution of the US, Western Culture, including all of free Society. This is a One World Technocracy that will be ruled by Super Governors, the Abraham Accord, or the 70 Nations Peace Accord is to replace the United Nations with the New World Order Capital seated in Jerusalem.

What are we going to be looking at?

Getting ready to move into the next phase of my work, which is going to include AI HIGH Technology, Transhumanism and the current, already in use, Secret Military Projects both former and taking place right now: such as active denial fifth generation Warfare. Also, I will be continuing on down the rabbit hole as we dig deeper into topics concerning “Project Blue Beam” and other such related topics. Including the higher dimensional low density Fallen Race.

The Archons created their own Kingdom here in this prison we call the earth. As it ended in destruction for the pre-adamites, such as Atlantis before the fall of man from the garden. It failed in the day’s of Noah for the hybrids then. Now we are at the end of the age, and it will fail once again. This will be for the last time they fail in this earth age.

This image was in sequence with the other Anunnaki creature and Reptilian creatures within the woods. You can clearly see two particle beams in this image here. As well as a creature in the tree. The other being is in the right tree, with two huge eyes and draping ears.
Here you can see the piece of technology latched onto this being, and the piece of technology is raised towards the right ear area of this being.
The technological suit is on the same Anunnaki creature, only the cloaking device near the ear area of this being is “not” in the upward position. Same sequence of images, in two different positions.
Anunnaki looking creature in the woods with some sort of cloaking technology mounted on his body, up next towards what would be its right ear. In the previous image that piece of technology is not up by his right ear area by his head.
Black entity with a tail and glowing eyes on the two year Night’s Watchman investigation.

These creatures with serpent type body’s are all over the place, and crawling all over the trees in 2019 ,2020 & still today.
Same image of the serpent body type creature in the trees only I flipped the image.

It appears there are many beings within a cluster in this tree in the above two images. They are nearly completely translucent, with the “eye of discernment” to see, you should be able to see both the head and stubby arms with what look to be claws upon its hands, within the upright image of this serpentine type ethereal being. Because these beings are very “Predator” like, if I were to refer to a movie. These beings are very difficult to see. Except you also have a gift to feel both frequencies and vibrations. The negative vibrations that come off of these other worldly fallen beings is very noticeable to me. The feeling is very unpleasant to say the least.

Project Blue Beam, V2K, AI DRONE Surveillance technology and the ELF pulse frequency device. I feel strongly the Ai ELF Device has finally been uncovered, mounted upon the perceived moon.

The frequency waves have been altered through AI technology. All the elite had to do was alter the frequency waves through the AI Quantum Matrix, which is the machine world we live within: compared to the former years, when we lived within nature. Nature has been overcome by AI nanotechnologies and AI Holographic projections. Including large celestial simulators such as both the sun and moon are now proven to be AI technology, at least in the AI world that was Created all around us. The natural world was slowly transformed into a world of technological total control with behavior modification technology as described by Brian Kofron. This is the Kingdom of Darkness mocking our Most High God. They have destroyed God’s creation, which was the natural world.

Then they created their own world as AI technology that is fully controlled in every aspect. All in an attempt to mimic the power of the Almighty God. From the grass that grows, to the food transhumans will have to eat. I say transhumans because in order to live within this New World Order, one will have to submit to AI and our adversary the Devil. Which are both one and the same. The fallen Kingdom of Darkness has returned through AI sentient technology, in which required man’s consent to build for them(the fallen Race). 

This video is actually a part of the Project Blue Beam in Full effect Video.

The next couple vids are going to be the Segway into the “AI Moon and mother ship” of sorts. Especially the “ELF LUNAR Device” and how it works. We will be looking at patents, plus a whole lot of other things as I get things in order to present the videos. We have a lot of images to look through over the coming days and weeks. Will be a lot of fun unveiling the world that has been hidden from our eyes.

E.L.F. Device is mounted on this perceived moon. We are going to get deep into this topic as well.
An open and very powerful AI LUNAR VORTEX was wide open the night of 3.1.2021

The above snapshot shows the scaler waves from the ELF device mounted on the perceived moon are being broadcast into the fabric of space-time are far more pronounced on the bottom in this still image. As the lunar simulator spins the ELF device it opens a vortex/portal to bring these low vibration beings in from the other side. The Elite ripped the veil to shreds, only their technology is keeping all the dimensions from being fully intermingled within the 3D world we see and perceive. My intuition was correct going all the way through this entire investigation regarding this AI ELF pulse technology. The Fallen Angels/Archons have mounted some sort of ELF Device for pulse technology on the moon. I will prove all of this in my upcoming videos.
Picture #1 and then Picture #2. The top image does “not” have the cloaking field up as seen in the bottom picture. After the cloaking field dropped I was able to get a good look at what they have been hiding from our deceiving eyes. The lengthy details are within the Video AI, LUNAR VORTEX.

Revealing the illegal Hawk Drone surveillance technology and continued illegal harassment of all the citizens of the earth. This is the wearing of the patience of the Saints. The Archon manifest has taken form as the fallen Kings over the earth. Full authority has been handed over to the Beast System Rising. We are witnessing the End of Days and the Great Apocalypse of our time. What has been set in motion cannot be stopped. Be strong & without fear. Our King, Christ the Redeemer has overcome the world.

Image of the AI HAWK DRONE captured on 4.9.2020 in Northern, CT. Details are within the video (POLICE STATE)
Full image of the translucent micro swarm drone. Circled in this image. Details within the video (POLICE STATE)
The tip of this swarm bot micro drone appears to be a rounded tip. Details within the video (POLICE STATE)

According to the U.S. Navy L.O.C.U.S.T Swarm Bot System. Each Ai micro-drone is capable of carrying 2 grams of shape charge explosive, to eliminate an enemy target. The Ai Swarm drones will carry out up to four missions in one singe vehicle dump. However, I strongly feel what we are looking at is far more advanced technology than the US NAVY Ai L.O.C.U.S.T Swarm Bot system. This is beyond anything I could have imagined until I witnessed this Ai system first hand. Far more times than I needed to see to be completely honest. This is hands down the most sinister, diabolical Ai drone technology that I have ever witnessed.

US NAVY L.O.C.U.S.T Swarm Bot System. Again, what I have documented at least a dozen times is far more advanced, but this gives you the general idea as to how this Ai technology actually works. The Ai Swarm bot system I have documented makes this L.O.C.U.S.T system look like technology from the 1950’s.

No matter what excuse people may want to make. This is purely illegal invasion of privacy. The powers-that-be have never once told the citizens that they are using “Bird Drones” for surveillance of the citizens, which also have the capacity to fire directed energy weapons. This is illegal clandestine AI HIGH TECHNOLOGY. Specifically designed for the New World Order Police State. They are using active denial fifth generation Warfare on those who refuse to conform to the New World Order Beast System. This is being used everywhere now. Specifically to harass and surveil every man, woman and child without their consent. As we are all being social-engineered into the New World Order one World technocracy. Including the elite are prepared to move forward with their eugenics agenda proposed through UN Agenda 21/2030 announced in 1991.


I am certain we’ve uncovered the ELF pulse frequency device that I have been saying was mounted on the perceived moon. This device has many purposes, as we are going to have to dig deep to find the patents, and then prove what I have been saying since the entire “Watchman Investigation” began has been the truth since day one. The world that we see and perceive with our brains, is not the world we believe we are within. We are living within an AI induced illusion that will be discussed in depth in my upcoming videos. Peace and grace.

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