We’ve now captured the so-called “aliens” within the physical 3D World. “Project Blue Beam” is now exposed completely. Our own property is surrounded, I have the proof. Moving onto the experts, patents, other peoples close encounters with the Supernatural and more.

“This will be unlike anything you have ever seen before.” Get ready for “Project Blue Beam.” We have only just begun.

Ai, BIO-BOTS, Frequency Assault, Military Surveillance & Project Blue Beam
INSECTOID/LOCUST, Ai BOT or BEING: within what appears to be a cocoon within the tree branch. (Details within the video BIO LOCUST BOTS)

We can see this appears to be the same being in the image below of the same “INSECTOID” looking creature or might be a genetically modified creature, or perhaps an actual Ai BIO BOT of some sort. Still working on my own as I review more footage and pray for guidance with solid confirmations. When I have a conclusion as to if these are the same flying beings that I have been documenting all over the sky, both night and day I will keep you informed as I learn more. I’m starting to feel in my Spirit that the “Dark Matter” that was released through the Lunar Portal on the “Summer Solstice of 2019” is now manifesting into the physical 3D holographic Ai hidden world we see and perceive with our Brains.

We still have a lot of footage to cover, but we have to move forward regardless. I may mix in short segments of some footage within the upcoming videos. This was not even a quarter of the footage I wanted to share, and will eventually share all of it. Clearly, it is just not time, or I would have been able to share all of the footage without such problems. Truly, only Father God gives me the strength not to say forget it and delete my channel. When I am working on these projects while having my machine crash a couple times per hour it can get beyond frustrating.

But next we are moving into a more in depth look at the experts, patents, as well as other peoples Supernatural experiences with these entities, even the Super Soldier Program and the work of those specifically related to the entirety of all of this technology that we call “Project Blue Beam.” Along with the Ai Lunar Simulator and mother ship that is a direct major part of this clandestine operation.

Specifically, the ELF device that I feel strongly has already been uncovered on the Ai lunar craft the elite are trying to pass off as the moon. When in truth it’s a Mother Ship and technological monster used to open Portals, EMF charging of the plasma sky for cloaking technology by ionizing the perceived clouds for “Project Blue Beam.” There is an Ai pulse frequency that is used primarily to alter the world that we can perceive with our brains. That is specifically why we cannot see all these things that I capture with my camera, but cannot see through our eyes. Understand, we are well within “Project Blue Beam” already and have been likely for many years.

There is a specific sequence in which I intend to roll out all this information. I’m praying that by the end of the Project Blue Beam and all the other technology that goes along with it, most people will fully grasp how this technology all works together in concert. What it’s being used for, explain what the elite have planned to do with this technology. In conjunction with broad-based scaled frequency technology to bring about a false coming of the Kingdom, or a staged Alien invasion we can call this.

I now have concluded these fallen beings, or Aliens if you will. They tend to reveal themselves openly to those that see them or do not fear them. In my case, I’ve achieved an ascended level of consciousness as to where they are not in any way shy to make themselves known to me. They are fully aware that I see them as easily as they see me. Just so happens I have been dealing with these powers of darkness since I was a child. Whether they seem harmless or not, they are all of the fallen race in one way or another and don’t belong here. As I have shown over the past two plus years, these beings/entities are not at all shy in making themselves clearly visible to me. Considering they are always attempting to attack me, I know for certain they are not friendly towards me, or to anyone who serves Christ our messiah. Actually, I feel if they had the authority to do so, they would have already completely eliminated me along with my family long ago.

BIO Lizard/Locust type Ai Bio Bot: I am only speculating. Never have I seen anything like this before. This one appears to be fully matured compared to the latest LOCUST BOT creature within the cocoon. Details in the video (Ai Bio-BOTS)

This was a miracle in itself that I even spotted the creature in the image above within the original video clip. Not even zoomed or enlarged, somehow I found another one of these bug/lizard (Bio Bot/Genetically modified) type creatures within what appears to be a sort of cocoon within the trees. Is it possible these are the flying beings I keep catching whipping by at a supernatural pace? Flying out from and flying into the trees all throughout the woods everywhere I go? Are the woods and trees around my house and the entire neighborhood a breeding ground for these other worldly looking Bio Bot bug/LOCUST type creatures? In my Spirit that is what I feel is taking place.

How in the world did I capture one of these with just it’s head and leg popping out of what appears to be a cocoon within these massive trees? My only conclusion is that I was led to capture it and then zoom into that exact branch as I was led to capture this thing. Making this the second Bio Bot type creature, but this one was not fully hatched like the previous. Certainly would explain the extremely high level of Supernatural/Paranormal happenings taking place all over our neighborhood, as well as throughout the entire County from what I have gathered in all my investigation work.

There is a lot that needs to be discerned on all this still. I’m taking my time before drawing any true conclusions, which must also be fully confirmed by the Spirit of TRUTH. In the meantime we can use our discernment and even speculate as to what is taking place here. This is only a very small piece of what I am working on anyway.

One of many: flying discs captured both on 5.8 & 5.14.2021
Illegal multipurpose Ai camera: likely used also for Directed Energy assaults. Details in the video (Ai Bio-BOTS)

The powers-that-be have since made it very clear they are not playing with me anymore. I was wondering why the drones stopped harassing me? It’s because they have eyes on me physically everyday. I can’t do anything about it since that is exactly what they would want me to do. That would give them the reason they need to pick me up. Perhaps you can now see my apprehension as why I am conflicted in what I am willing to share.

Regardless, I intend to share everything that is not natural, even the agents. This is about creatures that are here in the physical 3D World now. They are not in Spirit form anymore. I’m not going to give any spoilers, but I assure you this is some amazing stuff we are going to be discussing and looking at. This will be unlike anything you have ever seen before as this is the Greatest Apocalypse Ever. Get yourselves ready for “Project Blue Beam.” Working as fast as I can to get this out. Their Greatest Hoax as described by “Serge Monast” in 1994(Project Blue Beam, NASA’S Greatest Hoax), is already in full operation and likely not at all what we all thought it would be.

Web Plasma: had covered our yard on 5.2.2021.
Cloaked craft: all the hidden craft & Ai technology are hidden by an “Ai pulse frequency.” I will explain this within the video presentation.(Image captured on 5.2.2021)
Both images were taken in sequence.

This is called web plasma. It is fully sentient and can only be seen through a camera. Gina Maria Colvin Hill was the first person I have ever seen expose this “Ai web plasma.” Through a camera it appears to be alive with incredible colors pulsing and sparkling. With the naked eye you see nothing.

This metallic disc: manifested in the trees the morning of 5.7.2021.

During this amazing seven minute video clip while I was recording all the bizarre happenings. There was such a powerful magnetic pulse for cloaking upon the massive trees that I was not able to focus in any way at all. The above snapshot is a pretty good shot of the object that literally manifested in the trees while I was recording. Will show you in the video presentation of course. Image below is one of perhaps roughly 10 of both these white angelic looking beings, and very black winged beings which flew at a pace that is incomprehensible. That’s how you know they other worldly Supernatural beings. It was clear, this was a Spiritual battle I was recording this morning while rebuking the powers and principalities that have literally surrounded the perimeter of our home. These beings were violently shaking the “tree”(one tree only) as I rained the fires of the Kingdom upon them. These beings also use technology that I will also show in the video presentation.

One of several: if not nearly a dozen Angelic and clearly Fallen Angels were battling in the skies above my house the morning of 5.7.2021.(Original snapshot, only enlarged)

Another craft: harder to see here, due to the extreme EMF radiation pulse frequency. (Harder to see) The rear is the engine, along with two very small wings towards the rear with a fin on the rear going upwards. The bottom of the craft in this image appears to be black. (All the images, except for the angelic being were from 5.2.2021)

The pulse frequency acts as “cloaking technology.” There is a visible pulse frequency cloaking field for what we would consider “Project Blue Beam.” I have much more than just these snapshots. I have footage from as early as this morning of 5.7.2021.

I will begin working on this next project tonight 5.7.2021. This is not the project I had planned for you all next. But I have to follow instruction as a Watchman for Father God. I am to get back into “Project Blue Beam” again right away. Show you all some things that people will have a very hard time processing. I know, because I have been having a very hard time myself, and I’m the one who has been analyzing this footage for the past five days now.

I can only assume that if I am still pretty shocked at the footage I have captured, than this will likely either “not” be received at all, or will be a “true mind bender” to say the least. Shouldn’t take long to get this video out, as I am going to do this in small doses with roughly 30 minute videos max on this specific subject. There is just too much to take-in both visually and Spiritually, That can lead to Spiritual overload that I feel is not a good thing for the minds eye. I find that I’m Spiritually overloaded almost every single day. It does not feel good for my headaches nor my concentration level. It can even effect your mood if you are overloaded with Spiritual knowledge.

An ELF device: I feel is mounted upon this perceived Ai technological monster they are trying to pass off as the moon.

In the above image you can clearly see the scaler waves coming off the mechanical device upon the right side of the perceived moon. I feel strongly that is the device that produces the pulse frequency which I have captured a ridiculous amount of times, both at night and during the day pretty much at anytime I choose to look to the sky with my camera. I feel the ELF device is the mechanical looking part mounted on the center right of this perceived moon. Along with all the scaler waves encompassing the clearly mechanical part to this Ai Lunar simulator.

I feel that this device, and others like it are responsible for just about everything we are witnessing manifest into the 3D physical world. The elite have opened portals, lost control of the Ai which was always a snare. The elite ripped the veil to sheds and loosed an army of darkness upon the whole world. Entities and extremely negative beings that have been locked away for thousands upon thousands of years are now running to and FRO freely. Only through the protection and grace of our King, Christ the Redeemer can we overcome in this evil day. Be strong and always be prepared, body, mind, Spirit and Soul. Peace & grace.

AI Smart Dust/nanotechnology: captured using a Tac Light with my 24.99Mp @60FPS AI cam. No enhancements.(original video clip)
EMF/ELF pulse charging of the clouds: to ionize the metal particulates creates plasma for cloaking & turns the sky into a holography screen. To be used for projections with regards to Project Blue Beam.

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