Lovecraftian Great Old Ones have returned. Genetically modified insects merged with Ai technology are eating my trees. Ai Lunar Simulator, Blue Beam Project is now complete. Where are we heading next?

Massive Lovecraftian type Great Old One: that Dr. Geordie Rose speaks about on multiple occasions.

We can see here in the above image a massive clawed type creature, along with a very strange head atop the fully stripped and nearly completely cut in two huge evergreen tree. At the bottom, just right of the stripped tree is another black being that appears to be intermingled with technology. Who also has a very wide mouth with multiple colors shining through. I have never seen anything like this on the ground.

However, I have captured something very similar in a few video presentations in the plasma sky. But what use to be in the Aether above is now manifest onto the earth beneath. Just as I had stated was going to happen some time back in a Blog post. I had stated here on this website that the “turmoil in the Aerther above will manifest to the Earth below.” It has now manifested to the earth below my friends. Be ready to endure, this World is only going to fall deeper into chaos as time continues to pass.

This is just a couple images: My trees have been getting stripped down to bare wood by beings not of this world.

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Genetically engineered: insect merged with technology has been like giant termites within our trees.
Locust type: creature eating the bark and stripping my trees.
Very small: seemingly intelligent creature living within the holes of our trees. They may also be eating the wood

Finally, after months of investigation work. However, truly it was 29 days straight on this one particular happening alone that is now 100% fully confirmed. That is what I was waiting for and did not even realize it. I’ve been praying and praying for confirmations, which I already knew the answer to and have received them overwhelmingly. There was a lot more footage I had to gather before I could present this video. I still have not shared the footage from 5.2.2021 and not sure if I ever will at this point. It’s too disturbing and I feel it was meant for me alone. Including my household is harassed more than enough already. The 5.2.2021 footage would surely only make things a lot worse for me. I have been trying to resolve what has been going on here on my own property for months now. It has certainly been well received and fully confirmed. Praise our Christ.

I cannot urge people enough. If you are not already right with our Christ, Yeshua the messiah. I pray you get back on the narrow path really quickly. I don’t ever talk dates or anything of the sort. I am going to show you what has manifested and what these things look like, as well as what they are doing, such as eating my trees and all the green things while building a place for them to thrive within the woods here where I live in Northern, Connecticut. Then it’s up to each and every single person to decide for themselves if what I am showing you all is troubling enough to walk away from this Beast System once and forever. What I have been feeling strongly led to share with you of late is not to be taken lightly. Nor should any of the Watchman work I have presented, specifically as instructed to do the two year investigation.

The two year Night’s Watchman investigation has yielded more conclusions than I could have ever imagined was possible within just two brutal years of work. But the presented work is now the solid foundation from which all my future work will continue to unveil more Supernatural happenings, clandestine technological discoveries that ultimately leads to higher dimensional understanding of the world we perceive as our physical reality.

Full Submersion Baptism(Testimony), CONFIRMED!

I definitely now understand why I received instruction to be fully submerged baptized and anointed with oil. The powers and principalities, including the Lovecraftian great old one’s have returned. It is as if everything I have documented in the sky is now here manifest onto the earth both on and near my property.


What is next and where are we heading with my channel.

The Watchman investigation is now fully concluded and wrapped up with the final nail in the coffin on the Blue Beam Project. Despite how much has been revealed thus far. I feel it is now time to move forward and begin to discuss with an open dialogue regarding many of these topics, plus a whole lot more as my work continues to yield more knowledge every single week, specifically as led by the Spirit of Truth. The Night’s Watchman investigation is over. But I am always recording anomalies and looking at footage. That is something that will not change.

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