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The Night’s Watch

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YEAR 2019 through November, 2021 Watchman Investigation in Northern Connecticut, USA.

“The world we perceive with our eyes is not reality. We are within an Ai Induced illusion. A Quantum Reality synthetic omnipresence for the “New World Order” and the adversary. This is the “Greatest Apocalypse ever.” Remain faithful and be ready to endure.

Quantum Reality for the New World Order

Lovecraftian Great Old Ones have returned. Genetically modified insects merged with Ai technology are eating my trees. Ai Lunar Simulator, Blue Beam Project is now complete. Where are we heading next?

We can see here in the above image a massive clawed type creature, along with a very strange head atop the fully stripped and nearly completely cut in two huge evergreen tree. At the bottom, just right of the stripped tree is another black being that appears to be intermingled with technology. Who also has…

We’ve now captured the so-called “aliens” within the physical 3D World. “Project Blue Beam” is now exposed completely. Our own property is surrounded, I have the proof. Moving onto the experts, patents, other peoples close encounters with the Supernatural and more.

“This will be unlike anything you have ever seen before.” Get ready for “Project Blue Beam.” We have only just begun. We can see this appears to be the same being in the image below of the same “INSECTOID” looking creature or might be a genetically modified creature, or perhaps an actual Ai BIO BOT…

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