Lovecraftian Great Old Ones have returned. Genetically modified insects merged with Ai technology are eating my trees. Ai Lunar Simulator, Blue Beam Project is now complete. Where are we heading next?

Massive Lovecraftian type Great Old One: that Dr. Geordie Rose speaks about on multiple occasions. We can see here in the above image a massive clawed type creature, along with a very strange head atop the fully stripped and nearly completely cut in two huge evergreen tree. At the bottom, just right of the stripped... Continue Reading →

We’ve now captured the so-called “aliens” within the physical 3D World. “Project Blue Beam” is now exposed completely. Our own property is surrounded, I have the proof. Moving onto the experts, patents, other peoples close encounters with the Supernatural and more.

"This will be unlike anything you have ever seen before." Get ready for "Project Blue Beam." We have only just begun. Ai, BIO-BOTS, Frequency Assault, Military Surveillance & Project Blue Beam INSECTOID/LOCUST, Ai BOT or BEING: within what appears to be a cocoon within the tree branch. (Details within the video BIO LOCUST BOTS)... Continue Reading →

AI, Archons, the Great Apocalypse! The REPTILIAN ARCHONS have now manifest into the physical 3D plane. POLICE STATE, The LAST REICH, ILLEGAL HAWK DRONE SURVEILLANCE. Active denial: Fifth Generation Warfare. We are well within “Project Blue Beam.” An “E.L.F Device” is on the perceived moon. NEPHILIM ON THE EARTH | ELF AI DEVICE MOUNTED ON THE MOON? NEO MEETS THE ARCHITECHT OF THE MATRIX NASA'S GREATEST HOAX, PLASMA SKY, TARGETED INDIVIDUAL'S (LIVE REPLAY) with LOU, COTLG Now moving forward with my work. Project Blue Beam is here. Pulse Ai frequencies & sentient information technology. The Last Reich... Continue Reading →

We are within an AI Control Grid Matrix. “AI LUNAR VORTEX, Scaler Wave Portal (The Pit) video” is now published on the “A.O.D channel” and straight to the footage on “The Deliverer.” THE MOON IS AN AI TECHNOLOGICAL MONSTER.. THE ELITE HAVE PIERCED THE VEIL The AI moon simulator and E.L.F portal technology has been one of the greatest revelations to date. As I have been trying to resolve the moon for two solid years now. I give all praise and glory to God. I was... Continue Reading →

(My T.I. Testimony) 3rd Temple within the Human Host. EMF frequency AI Eugenics is their depopulation agenda. What happened to my wife? Directed Energy Symptoms labeled as Pain Syndromes, The Luciferase Quantum Dot.(322) EUGENICS, EMF RADIATION- They Are Underground They shall receive their reward for what they have done to my wife, and countless others. I'm not a betting man, but I would have to say that every single day people are diagnosed with Tumors they just write off as happenstance. Well, this was no random thing,... Continue Reading →

Ritual Consent & AI, TRANS-HUMAN Nanomedicine. EMF Frequency Weapons are Being Used everywhere. ELF Weapons Are Being Used Against Americans Far More Intensely, & The Effects - Not Good Ritual Consent & AI Dr. Geordie Rose. RISE of the Machines Quantum Computers are liken to a sentient (yes, this AI is now self-aware) Ouija Board to summon these great old ones into our earth plane. This... Continue Reading →

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