AI Quantum Reality! Resonance Trance Spell.   Your 1st eye, The Pineal Gland. Fluoride & its effects on the population. CHEM-SNOW, the random October storm.        

Rise of The AI Machine World| The sentient Prince OFFICIAL TRAILER: Was too much for YouTube terms and policies. Actually won the appeal, it's back on The Deliverer YouTube. Might be a week or more. Have another project to get out first. Rise of The AI Machine World| The sentient Prince Every human is... Continue Reading →

Ritual Consent & AI, TRANS-HUMAN Nanomedicine. EMF Frequency Weapons are Being Used everywhere. ELF Weapons Are Being Used Against Americans Far More Intensely, & The Effects - Not Good Ritual Consent & AI Dr. Geordie Rose. RISE of the Machines Quantum Computers are liken to a sentient (yes, this AI is now self-aware) Ouija Board to summon these great old ones into our earth plane. This... Continue Reading →

Aatherial entities & a luminary captured. Close encounters. I was hit pretty good with a Directed Energy frequency weapon in the neck. luminary captured.(9/19/2020) The celestial bodies and Aertherial entities are everywhere. They are out both at night and during the day now. I can capture something every night and all day of late. I was hit pretty good with a directed energy beam on the back of my neck. I had to put castor oil... Continue Reading →

The Hunger Games are coming to America. I am to “Get prepared”. The Veil is being lifted. “My TESTIMONY” The Power of Prayer.

Grocery store prices rise in past 12 months 2020 Beirut explosion caused significant food shortage for the people as about 15,000 tonnes of grain were destroyed, and leaving the country with less than a month's worth of grain in reserve. The damage extended over half of Beirut, with the likely cost above $10 billion; 90% of hotels... Continue Reading →

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